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I) World powerlessness except perhaps Asia in the face of the current health crisis shows that to achieve a rapid and effective result a world government is needed with transfer of skills. A month-long world government would have avoided the cacophony of measures taken to tackle covid 19.

To illustrate this opinion, we can take examples from economics and politics which show that sitting between two chairs is never the right solution and that sometimes more assertive decisions would be more effective. Because in terms of desynchronization and “half fig, half grape” or “in between” there are no shortage of examples:

(a) Economic Europe is today equidistant from a federal Europe and a Europe of Nations (independent and sovereign with solid borders). The consequences were not long in coming: a Europe of inequalities, inability to build an industrial Europe, cacophony of industrial rapprochements, cumbersome political decisions, and ultimately all kinds of differences and indeed in all fields. A federal Europe where a Europe of Nation States would certainly be much more effective than this half-fig, half-grape incapable of coming together in unison.

(b) And what about the French economy : France finds itself in this inconsistent in-between: to impose a communist bureaucracy in a savage economic capitalism by hardly exaggerating does not make much sense. A Europe of free and undistorted competition with a Colbertist country is a considerable economic waste. Clearly, let’s go to the end of things: let’s build either a totally interventionist state with a fully administered economy, or a liberal economy with a minimalist state, but let’s be consistent: wanting the benefits of a free economy by imposing an overly centralized administration contains costs much higher than the choice of one of the two other alternatives, certainly more clear-cut, but which allow a natural marriage of the State to the organizations to the markets.

(c) The political system itself in many countries is found in the “half-fig, half-grape”. Centralization here, decentralization there, short certain result: uncertainty about the effectiveness of the deployment of political decisions, complete destruction of the value system previously more or less shared but shared all the same thanks to a certain overall consistency. Because here is where we want to come:

II) The haphazard implementation of sanitary measures in all countries around the world has heightened the uncertainty. However, if medicine and the science of the virus are not certain, what can be said about the economy, this purely human science and the political decisions that result from it.

Because in the field of health prevention, some are for total containment (Chinese style with individual traceability), others for prevention and individual responsibility. This cacophony which in fact corresponds to a cacophony of the total incomprehension of the functioning of the virus, added to the distortions of the political decisions of management of the health crisis, without forgetting that with social networks everyone abrogates the right to have a opinion on a scientific object … have created an incredible dissonance terribly anxiety-provoking. Strong cooperation between Nation-States or at the other end of a world government would be much more effective.

A world government would have made it possible to coordinate on the health plan in order to be able to limit the dramatic economic consequences.

The question of a world government is even more significant and topical today with the health crisis. Strict confinement on a global scale for one month as well as an acceleration of the vaccination would be more effective in terms of health.

And this is where our story of the in-between, half-fig, half-grape comes in once again, because the economic consequences would be much more bearable with a world government that acts firmly only once for a limited period of time. It is obviously crying on the health issue! Two political choices would be more effective than this current in-between: it would be much easier to impose strict confinement for one month, for example with Nation States or with a world government. A world government seems to us the best of the two solutions, the countries in advance like China in the others would educate on the good practices and would disseminate scientific knowledge.

Today it is a hybrid system which still has not understood the effects of cascade or domino. Strict global containment is better than a multiplicity of sympathetic scoop repeated several times to allow enjoyment of entertainment and greed for money. We would never have known a second wave, let alone a third. By dint of wanting to satisfy everyone we do not satisfy anyone except that in terms of health crisis it is no longer really funny and the example of the incredible and historic cacophony in communication and in the management of this health crisis show that ‘a world government is urgent. At worst, nation-states, its opposite, would certainly be better than globalizing and disordered individualisms in their decision-making.

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