Abandoned kitten or found cat: how to react, what to do?

Kittens or adult cats are regularly found in streets, nature even in trash cans. If you are faced with this situation, you must act quickly, especially if it is a baby or an injured animal. In a second step, it will be a question of finding his owners and failing that, to entrust it to an appropriate structure. The proceedings to be continued.

Is the kitten really abandoned?

If you see an abandoned kitten, the first thing to do is not to touch it and check whether it is there or not. mother around because it will have a better chance of surviving if it remains in the maternal bosom. If she never stays away from her young for long, the female must still be away for a while to feed. As a precaution, move away and watch for its possible return for about twenty minutes. If this does not come back, it is because an event has occurred: the cat has been the victim of an accident, she had to move her litter in an emergency, forgetting a baby, or she left the one that ‘she did not estimate viable.

Is the abandoned kitten weaned?

When you are sure that the little one is abandoned, you must act quickly because without intervention, the kitten is in danger of dead. The first reaction is to take him to a veterinarian to check his state of health because the animal may be a carrier of diseases some of which prove fatal at a young age. If a nearby vet is not available, bring the kitten to your home. Before providing care, check if it is weaned.

  • If his eyes are open and he has a few teeth, he is probably weaned. In this case, you can feed it with croquettes for adult cats or mash. Don’t forget to offer him water;
  • If he is not weaned, give him milk maternalized powder (found in pharmacies), lukewarm, in a sterilized bottle. To be renewed every 3 hours, including at night. Be careful not to serve him cow’s milk because a kitten does not digest lactose. After he drinks, gently massage his stomach with a damp cloth or handkerchief so that he can defecate because he does not yet have the urination and defecation reflex.

Is the kitten hyperthermic or hypothermic?

The second reflex is to control the body temperature kitten with a thermometer.

  • At less than 38 ° C, it is hypothermia. A kitten less than a month old is not able to regulate its body temperature, it is essential to put it in a warm place and away from drafts: in a box lined with blankets or sheets, if possible near a radiator or a hot water bottle wrapped in a towel. Human warmth is also effective, do not hesitate to hold the animal against you;
  • If it is over 39 ° C, it is hyperthermia. Kittens are very sensitive to the sun and easily get hot. To refresh them, moisten a towel and wrap them inside.

What to do if you find an injured cat?

When you find an injured cat, keep the manipulations because he might scratch you in pain and you might unintentionally increase his suffering. If the injuries don’t seem too serious, place it in a soothing, shady spot. Do not try to treat him yourself, as this may leave him sequelae. Contact the municipality that will take care of it through the fire brigade. If you decide to take the feline to the nearest vet yourself, try placing it in a box with ventilation, or better yet, in a suitable transport cage. In this case, you will have to advance the fresh consultation. Be sure to keep all invoices for reimbursement from the owner.

Is the cat found identified?

If you find a stray cat, check to see if it is wearing a necklace provided with a medal or an address tube with the contact details of its owner. A cat can be tattooed in the ear or on the inside of a thigh, in this case contact I-CAD by phone or via their website. A cat that does not have a collar or tattoo can be identified by a microchip implanted under the skin. You can introduce the cat free at a veterinarian, in a shelter or in a pound, in order to read a barely legible tattoo or the chip. These services will be able to find (if identified) the contact details of the owner of the animal and check that it has not been lost or Fly.

How do I report a found cat?

When you return home, start by conducting a survey of the neighborhood to find out if a cat is wanted in the neighborhood. If your investigations are not successful, you can take several actions:

  • Print posters “Cat found” with a photo of the feline and your phone number that you can leave in veterinary clinics, small shops, supermarkets and on streetlights;
  • Advertise (free) on search portals Internet dedicated to lost / found animals. Also think of social networks such as Facebook or Instagram;
  • Stay vigilant. If you have found an unidentified cat, keep a secret specificity of the animal (stain, scar, color of the collar, particularity of the medallion …) because this will allow the real owners to prove their good faith. You can also ask them for Pictures of the cat or a copy of the health record to fully reassure you.

Who should you trust with the kitten or cat you find?

The town hall or the municipal police are supposed to take care of the cats found and in practice, the animals are placed in pound or entrusted to shelters. Once you have notified one of these organizations, three possibilities available to you:

  • You leave the animal in the care of these structures (pounds, shelters);
  • You propose to keep the cat while waiting for its owners to be found in order to avoid a passage in the box. For that, it will be necessary to be sure to be able to take full care of the animal. If you have to leave him alone every day in a new environment, the situation may disturb him even more. A placement in refuge is then preferable;
  • You decide theadopt. Following the declaration made to the town hall, to a veterinarian, the pound or a refuge, you will have to wait eight days. Beyond this legal deadline, you will be able to welcome him permanently to your home. As soon as it is adopted, quickly consult a veterinarian and proceed with the necessary health care: dewormers, vaccines, antiparasitic treatments. And above all, do it immediately identify, it is mandatory.
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