Abandoned puppy or found dog: what to do, how to react?

Puppies are small victims when they come from unwanted litters because, unfortunately, too often, they end up on the side of a road, in a parking lot or in nature, cowardly abandoned by their master. But there are also adult dogs that we no longer want and that we let fall, sometimes tied to a tree in the undergrowth, because we suddenly find them too cumbersome. Every year in France, tens of thousands of puppies and dogs are left behind. But what can be done to rescue one of these unfortunate people that we find on our way, whether they have been abandoned or have gone astray? Let’s do a check in.

Finding a puppy: what to do

Here’s how to give first aid to a newly found puppy.

Take your temperature

Check if their body temperature is normal, is between 38 and 39 ° C. But she can be too high (hyperthermia), i.e. above 39 ° C. In this case, it is necessary to cool the animal by wrapping it in a moistened bath towel. If on the contrary its temperature is too low (hypothermia), i.e. below 38 ° C, it must be warmed up as quickly as possible. A hot water bottle is essential. The temperature of the abandoned puppy can vary rapidly, both up and down, depending on the weather conditions.

Hydrate it

The young animal may have been on its own for several days without having been able to feed. The great risk he runs is dehydration. It is therefore absolutely essential to urgently rehydrate. If this is a very young puppy who has no teeth yet and his eyes are still closed, he is certainly not weaned. He is then given powdered formula mixed with lukewarm water every 3 hours, in a bottle, day and night.

On the other hand, if he already has a few quenottes and his eyes are wide open, he was probably no longer breastfed by his mother. We can therefore give it croquettes growth for puppy or even dry food for adult dogs. It is advisable to moisten them with water and even with a little formula.

Check for parasites

It is common for an abandoned puppy to be infested with parasites such as fleas, ticks, intestinal worms. To eliminate fleas, a thorough brushing is necessary, followed by an antiparasitic shampoo and rinsing with lukewarm water then drying so that it does not catch cold. The only way to get rid of ticks is to remove each parasite with a tick remover. Finally, a dewormer may be necessary if the puppy has diarrhea and his belly is all swollen because that can mean he has intestinal worms. But you have to leave it to the vet.

Consult the vet

Once the puppy’s temperature has been checked and it has been rehydrated and then fed, it should be taken to the vet, whether or not it has parasites. The practitioner will start by taking stock of his state of health and then check if he is identified.

Stray or wandering adult dog: what to do?

Approaching a found dog requires caution because the animal can seriously bite a person it does not know. It is therefore important not to rush towards him or touch him but on the contrary it is necessary to keep your distance and to be on guard.

We can talk to him softly, while observing his behavior. Mistrust is in order if the dog stays still and does not try to approach. In any case, you should not try to catch it because it can trigger eitheraggressiveness, be there escape. On the other hand, there is less fear if the dog approaches spontaneously without any sign of aggression. But caution is still required because the reaction of the animal can sometimes be very surprising.

Finding a dog: what the law says

Many people who find a dog think they just can keep it. However, the regulations in force are clear: appropriating a dog that you find is formally not allowed, but we no longer have the right to release him on the public highway. In either case, we are exposed to criminal penalties. It is mandatory to contact the competent authorities as soon as possible so that the dog is retrieved by the pound and its owner is found.

If the dog is allowed to approach without problem, it is necessary to check if it is tattooed. But it can also be identified by transponder or microchip, which only police services or veterinarians can detect. Once the identification data has been collected, the I-CAD file can be viewed by professionals. It is thanks to him that the owner of the animal can be contacted.

Note that an unidentified dog must be returned to the pound, the contact details of which can be obtained from the town hall of the town where the animal was found. After a period of eight working days without manifestation of the owner of the animal, it is possible toadopt the dog provided that the person concerned has previously given the mayor a written declaration indicating his desire for adoption.

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