Abstention from regional, wind turbines and ZFE: soon Season 2 of the Yellow Vests

The unprecedented collapse of the participation of the French in regional (and departmental) elections should more than worry politicians in general, and the executive in place in particular. Make no mistake: the absence of 7 out of 10 French people is now a mode of expression, just like the Yellow Vests movement in 2018/2019. Movement whose season 2 is already announced and scheduled …

To be convinced of this, you only need to consult the car sales statistics for the last 12 months. Two out of ten cars bought by the French last year were electric or hybrid. A figure which should reach or exceed 30% during the year 2021. But guess who is buying these cars? Not the inhabitants of peripheral France, the same one who came down to occupy the roundabouts at the end of 2018 and held in places for months before giving up trying to be heard, out of weariness. Pushed to the limit by an eco-tax on fuel which increased the price of the tank by a few euros each time. A non-subject for Parisian bobos who do not have a car anyway (and have a hard time renting one this summer …). A pecadilla for those who drive hybrids, so much less greedy than cars built between 1990 and 2010. But a sum for those who count their money from the 15th … or the 5th of the month.

Peripheral France does not buy new cars, but used ones. It sells a new car, for nearly three cars of first, second, third hand in France. Obvious consequence, the park is aging slowly but surely.

When we look at the statistics of dealer networks, we can easily see that sales of “so-called” green cars are obviously concentrated in large metropolises, the very ones that are going to set up ZFEs (low emission zones) or are in them. already equipped, such as Grand Paris or Grand Lyon. Areas in which … cars that are sometimes less than ten years old will be banned next year (Crit’air 3), and even more recent (Crit’air 2) in 2023.

What link with regional and abstention?

Yet it is simple. The Yellow Vest movement, which pushed more than a million demonstrators in the streets and on roundabouts to its climax, was the manifestation of a new form of popular expression. In the absence of a truly representative National Assembly (the voices of 20 million voters are embodied there by two handfuls of deputies), these tens of millions of French people (counting their support in public opinion) waved the red flag under the eyes of the executive power. Listen to us. Do not forget us.

Yellow vests: two years, a pandemic and three confinements later, nothing has changed

Two years, a pandemic and three lockdowns later, nothing has changed.

Or rather if: as if nothing had happened, we are accelerating the deployment of wind turbines all over the country and at sea, with the unconditional support of the green mayors of large cities and their voters … Who will not see a wind turbine point the tip of its blade less than 40 kilometers from home at the very least. And too bad for the millions of tons of buried concrete that they represent. And too bad if their actual return is light years away from their promised return. And too bad if the intermittence of their operation makes it necessary to provide gas or coal power plants in parallel, ready to replace them at a moment’s notice at the time of peaks in consumption.

As if nothing had happened, the non-representative National Assembly quietly voted for the principle of ZFE (low emission zones), which several large metropolises are preparing to put in place this year or next year.. Areas in which cars built in 2011, that is to say only ten years ago, will be banned tomorrow! In terms of planned obsolescence, we do not do better. The 40 million motorists association has calculated that no less than 17 million motorists will be affected in the next three years by traffic restriction measures, all over France. In other words, 7 out of 10 French people, those who drive with cars bought second-hand and do not have the means to afford for 200, 300, 400, 500 euros per month in LLD (long-term rental) a nice car all modern, will be tricard at home. Traffic bans.

As if nothing had happened, the price of fuel is on the rise (+ 30% in one year), sign of the recovery of the world economy, and the promise of a floating TIPP (internal tax on petroleum products), capable of moderating the rise in fuel prices, has fallen into oblivion.

Let’s go back to the equation: Rise in fuel prices + traffic ban for millions of cars + installation of wind turbines “in the countryside” and at sea, where the green sores do not live, but come “to recharge their batteries” a few weeks a year = totally situation explosive.

Massive absenteeism should worry: democracy is in danger

When you are no longer going to vote, when two ballots at the bottom of the word, that of La France Insoumise and the Rassemblement National, have been used until now to channel the discontent of millions of French people, it is a very, very bad sign.. Some commentators are delighted with the decline of a good third of the National Rally, dropping from 28% of the votes cast in 2015 to 19% in 2021. As LFI was founded in 2016, and reached its peak during the 2017 presidential election , obviously, it is impossible to compare the two scores, but we now know the porosity between the electorates of the FN become RN, and LFI.

Quand you are no longer going to vote, it means that you no longer believe that democracy allows you to decide your destiny and express your ideas. Did not a Minister of the Interior speak of a “satanic mark”, evoking a possible victory for the RN? When you tell voters in a legal political party that they are Satan’s henchmen, then it should come as no surprise that they shun the ballot box. And strike a match at the first opportunity to light pyres. And in this game, once is not customary, many politicians, business or not, have played arsonist firefighters.

One question remains: when, season 2 of the Yellow Vests? The answer is quite simple. When magic money stops artificially keeping the heads above water for those who lost everything with the pandemic. Their shop, their restaurant, their job, their small additional income, declared or not, or their main income 100% black but on which everyone turns a blind eye, the mayor as well as the gendarmes. A guy who manages to live or support his family without asking anything from anyone, forgetting the URSSAF and VAT, it is an RSA and social housing to finance or find less.