Acupressure for dogs: what does it consist of? What are the benefits?

Acupressure is a completely safe form of alternative medicine, derived from traditional Chinese medicine. It is indicated for humans as well as for animals. It requires the use of a manual technique in order to rebalance the vital energy in the body.

It uses exactly the same points as acupuncture, called meridians or energy channels. However, it does not require the use of needles. A simple manual pressure is enough, which makes it an ideal therapy for the well-being of his dog!

What is acupressure on his dog?

Acupressure techniques for dogs

Acupressure is a form of massage, which is done primarily with the hand and fingers, but sometimes with the elbow or feet. Several techniques come together, and you will use one or the other depending on the desired effects on your doggie:

  • The pushing of the tissues using the thumb, palm or edge of the hand, for a deep effect,
  • The realization of small concentric circles around the acupressure point, by friction with the fingers or the palm of the hand, for an effect on the superficial tissues,
  • Performing a circular massage, with the fingers, the back of the hand or the elbow, for an effect of softening of the circular tissues,
  • The palpate-roll, thanks to a compression performed with both hands, for a tonic effect on the muscles,
  • The pinching technique, by grasping between the thumb and forefinger a muscle or tendon that is gradually released, for a pain-relieving effect,
  • The action of gently pulling on the skin at acupressure points, then gently releasing it, for a beneficial effect on the circulation of vital energy, etc.

There are other techniques, but these are the easiest to implement in your home, and without impressing or scaring your dog too much.

Acupressure points for dogs

For the different acupressure techniques to be effective, it is necessary to know the main pressure points on the dog’s body. They are identical to those used in acupuncture and each acupressure point acts on a specific energy imbalance:

  • At the end of the truffle, to work on respiratory tract problems,
  • At the top of the skull between the dog’s eyes, to appease the animal,
  • Lower back in the lumbosacral space, to reduce anxiety,
  • On the solar plexus, to improve digestive disorders,
  • On the spine two-thirds the length of the back, for back pain and kidney problems,
  • Behind the knees on the hind legs, to reduce joint problems, etc.

There are many other pressure points in dogs, located throughout their body. Many are in his front and back legs, but the ones given here are easier to spot for starting acupressure with your companion.

What are the benefits of canine acupressure?

Exercising acupressure on your dog has many benefits, both for your owner and for Medor. Indeed, practicing acupressure at home allows:

  • To increase the calm at home: by preparing your interior for a zen and relaxing session, by purifying the room, by isolating yourself from outside noise, you benefit from a moment of well-being at the same time as your dog,
  • To better circulate energies: with calm and concentration, you feel your own vital force as well as that of your dog for a fusional moment,
  • To strengthen the bond between a master and his dog: handling, palpation, caresses, so many moments of sharing to get closer to your four-legged companion,
  • A reduction in stress and anxiety: an acupressure session allows you to ignore negative energies and increase positive energies,
  • A strengthening of the immune system and better blood circulation for your dog,
  • Pain relief through touch, etc.

Even if you are new to canine acupressure, there is no risk of harming your pet. By reducing their physical symptoms, you are also affecting their nervous system. Acupressure is recommended for all dogs, but especially beneficial for the more anxious or older dogs.