Adopt an adult cat or a kitten? Advantages and disadvantages

You have decided to take the plunge and take a cat, but a question still remains: will I adopt an adult cat or rather a kitten? It is true that one or the other has its advantages and disadvantages.

Falling for a kitten: advantages and limitations

If we had fun asking owners the number one reason they adopt a kitten, many people would answer: their crisp and adorable appearance. It’s hard to remain insensitive to these furballs just waiting to be pampered. Beyond the purely physical aspect, if you have other pets in the house, it will be easier to get a kitten accepted rather than an adult cat. And if you want to have a cat and a dog at the same time, it is advisable to adopt them when they are still young. You will thus avoid the problems of disagreement between them. In addition, education is much simpler in kittens than in adult cats. The feline will grow up alongside you which helps to forge very strong bonds between you.

But by adopting this little furball, don’t expect your life to be a long, quiet river. On the contrary, get ready to suffer the damage caused by your new tenant. Very playful, he will explore his territory, climb everywhere, touch everything … In short, he risks turning your house upside down. As he is very fragile, he also needs constant monitoring, especially from the point of view of his health. You might as well prepare now for a large budget for sterilization, vaccines, identification and deworming.

Adopting an adult cat: what you need to know

The advantage of taking an adult cat is that there are no nasty surprises about its character. Indeed, his preferences and habits are already well defined. You are also aware of his possible illnesses which helps you to anticipate the veterinary care he needs. An adult cat is also much more sociable.

On the other hand, he needs attention and follow-up too, just like a kitten. You never know because he may have had a traumatic experience in the past which has shaped his character. Moreover, his past has a lot to do with his behavior. He can be fearful, aggressive, independent or even a pot of glue. Anyway, with an already old twink, the nonsense will be less numerous because as an adult, a feline knows better how to control itself and channel its energy. He has also acquired all the necessary hygiene procedures and you will no longer have to educate him on this point. This is already a precious time saver.

Adopting an adult cat makes it possible, moreover, to redress a kind of injustice. If he has lived in the SPA or in a shelter, he certainly has not known all happy days. You allow her to have a new home and to enjoy the love and care of a family. He will become a wonderful companion who will make you happy.

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