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Adopting a dog in Paris, who to turn to?

When you live in Paris, buying a dog is not the only solution to welcoming a faithful companion into your home. We can opt for adoption, which makes it possible to unclog shelters of all kinds and, above all, to offer a dog a new, caring, loving and responsible family. Responsible indeed, because it is dishonest to adopt a pet on a whim, even if – in this somewhat special period against the backdrop of a pandemic – it can be a good alibi to justify his daily outings during confinement or during the curfew … Such subterfuges inevitably end after a few months in dropping out en masse. To the best of my mind … Let’s see what are the avenues to follow to adopt a dog in Paris with all your heart and for a good cause.

The Animal Defense Club

This club helps dogs (and cats) whose master has died, or who have been lost or have been abandoned. The structure is not gigantic but nevertheless makes it possible to take in nearly 300 dogs and cats each year who quickly find a new foster family. It is located at 121, Rue de Reuilly, in the 12th arrondissement from the capital.

The Society for the Protection of Animals in the Paris region

The SPA welcomes in its Ile-de-France premises (and throughout France for that matter) dogs with a gloomy past who have been mistreated and / or abandoned. There are, at the national level, no less than 62 shelters entirely dedicated to pets, the majority of them being dogs and cats. Any future adopter can therefore find a SPA refuge near their home.

Parisians have the opportunity to contact one of the 6 shelters of this animal welfare society located near the capital whose postal addresses and telephone numbers are specified below.

1 SPA refuge in Seine-et-Marne – 77

Refuge of Vaux-le-Pénil

  • New rue des Prés – 77,000 VAUX-LE-PENIL
  • Phone: 01 60 56 54 60

3 SPA refuges in Yvelines – 78

Refuge of Pleasure

  • Bois de Saint Apolline – 78 D 134 – 78 370 PLAISIR
  • Phone: 01 34 89 05 47

Hermeray Refuge

  • La Berthière – 78 125 HERMERAY
  • Phone: 01 34 83 50 28

Refuge d’Orgeval

  • 1, Route Royale – 78 630 ORGEVAL
  • Phone: 01 39 08 05 08

1 SPA refuge in Essonne – 91

Chamarande Refuge

  • CD 99 – 91 730 CHAMARANDE
  • RN20 direction Torfou – Torfou exit

The refuge is located on the edge of the Nationale 20.

1 SPA refuge in Hauts-de-Seine – 92

Gennevilliers refuge

  • 30, Avenue du Général de Gaulle – 92 230 GENNEVILLIERS
  • Phone: 01 47 98 57 40

This is the structure closer to Paris since less than ten kilometers separate these two places. It is therefore very easy for Parisians to get to this SPA refuge by bike, by car or by public transport (RER C among others)… and even on foot.

The Animal Assistance Foundation

Located 23, Avenue de la République in the XIth arrondissement of Paris, this foundation brings relief to animals in deep distress. It is therefore possible to find a dog there just waiting to be adopted. The foundation can be contacted on 01 39 49 18 18.

The Brigitte Bardot Foundation

A very small structure is located in Paris itself where a few cats and dogs are welcomed, but it is above all the headquarters of the foundation (Rue de Vineuse, in the 16th century). To see more animals for adoption, it is necessary to go to the refuge of the Bardot Foundation, located at 4, rue de la Buissonnerie in the town of AZOCHES-SUR-GUYONNE (78,498).

Adopting a dog is a responsible act

Before choosing a dog, it is essential to remember that a pet is not a toy. He needslove, of respect and his master by welcoming him undertakes to take care of him throughout his life. You have to be able to give it time every day, so be sufficiently available, be able to take it out, brush it, give it excellent quality food, take it to the vet as soon as necessary and for simple check-ups one or two. times a year to make sure he is healthy. He must be vaccinated, identified if it has not already been done, and probably also sterilize.

We must be sure that we will not capitulate if the dog does some damage in the house, garden or apartment, and that we will do everything possible to “resume” his education or entrust it to a licensed professional. specializing in dog training.

These dogs have generally already suffered trauma, is physical, is psychological. In spite of everything, they will place their trust in a new master, give him all their affection … Each adopter must deserve this dedication and ensure that his dog, faithful companion, is as happy as possible.

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