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The collapse of the country for 40 years in a single generation is breathtaking! A part of our elites thought more about being elected than governing economically and the other did not know, dare or be able to restore the balance and restart the “machine”. They succeeded in ruining the country and placing it in the process of underdevelopment with a debt which greatly exceeded the level of the GDP. There are only two countries in Europe that have done worse: Greece and Italy!

These generations did not know the post-war period of the thirty glorious years and ignored that France in 1975 was still the second world economic power after the United States. This technologically advanced France with all its inventions and constructions was a model: the TGV, civil and military nuclear power, its mirages, its caravel, its giant liners, its nuclear submarines, Ariane….

The other two European powers during this period each had their problems “to settle, to digest”. England in decline by corporatist and intransigent unions, which Margaret Thatcher knew how to bring in line. Germany, devastated since the war and divided in two, had not yet been able to relaunch itself effectively. Globally, Japan was only beginning to recover from its terrible defeat in 1945.

In 1980, our standard of living was ranked fifth in the world behind the USA, Switzerland, Luxembourg and Sweden. Even the painful episode of May 68 had not slowed growth.

The whole legacy of General de Gaulle was swept away in a few decades, burying all advances. This country finds itself disintegrated, ruined and partly Islamized with a rate of danger of the highest of Western countries.

Even the Jules Ferry School which was our pride is in disarray!

The successive rankings take us further and further away from the elite. The Obin report (Inspector General of National Education) already pointed out in 2004 the growing influence of Islamism in French schools! Title of report: ” Signs and manifestations of religious affiliation in schools “. This report was inspired by Georges Bensoussan’s book; “The lost territories of the Republic”.

Internationally, year after year we are falling in the PISA ranking, we are behind countries such as: Hong Kong, Macao, Estonia, Slovenia … Maths and French where we excelled have come down to such a level that we are the laughing stock of other nations.

An agricultural sector in sharp decline!

If our production is still honorable, exports are losing speed: From third exporter in 2005, France has dropped to 6th place behind the USA, the Netherlands, Germany, Brazil and China. Globalization does not explain everything. Despite CAP aid, farmers’ margins have melted like snow in the sun, to such an extent that a farmer on average would only have € 350 per month to live on !!! They are crushed by charges, increasingly restrictive regulations and prices blocked by the too low margins of distribution: The Cause: The purchasing power of buyers at half mast. Our agriculture is no longer competitive and at the current rate we will have to import more and more products.

Our industry is more and more outdated!

The closures followed one another at a “frenzied” pace. To survive, many branches of activity have had to relocate to the chagrin of unions and local elected officials, for lack of municipal taxes, decline in local purchasing power and increased aid: RSA and others …

Another sector in great difficulty: that of Health!

The current pandemic has brought it to light: lack of qualified personnel, materials, resources, masks, vaccines … The French health model has collapsed since the reductions in staff, beds, investments, including hospital closures… We had to neglect the older ones and even call on foreign neighbors to treat patients!

The SNCF and its rail network are in decline!

The worst being the maintenance of the network, with its breakdowns and multiple delays, this service which was the national pride, including with its first TGV, accumulates a huge debt of 47 billion of which 35 were taken over by the state not to do “spot”. There are also repeated strikes, blockades and demonstrations!

As far as Justice is concerned, it is perhaps even worse!

Due to a lack of human and real estate resources, hearings and judgments have taken such delays that one can no longer remember past events. On the animosity side, there was even the “Le mur des cons”!

Defense side is not better, it has been in decline for 60 years!

Investments have been constantly reduced (except recently). After the Algerian war in 1962, the budget stood at 5.44% of GDP, today at 1.5%! Much of the hardware has become obsolete, 40 years old. The strength was 1 million soldiers. In 1964 they went to 675,000 and in 2020 they went down to 270,000!

Another very worrying point, a public debt that soars with the Covid!

In 2019, it was 2.380 billion euros (fortunately down slightly at the end of the year), which fell to 98.1% of GDP. In 2020 Covid cause, it is the explosion with 2,674.3 billion in the 3 th quarter and certainly 2,700 billion at the end of 2020, or nearly 120% of GDP. (Many loans are not yet booked). And it is not over, the year 2021 promises to be still very devouring of cash, therefore of loans, we will certainly exceed 125% or even 130, especially if the GDP does not rise! This having fallen by 8.3% in 2020, it stands at 2.425 billion euros.

Security or rather insecurity!

This is one of the claims increasingly emerging in the polls.

Since the sixties, it has increased fivefold. Almost all the police officers complain of no longer being respected, of being attacked, including their families, their vehicles and the police stations. The suburbs have become no man’s lands, burnt cars a common game. The yellow vests are beyond comprehension with scenes of extreme violence, looting, fracturing of shops, burnt vehicles… In addition, there are knife attacks, on average one every 3 days and vandalized churches!

Not to mention all the main Islamist attacks, Orh Thora School, Bataclan, Stade de France, Charly, Kosher, shops and all the others, Nice, Strasbourg, Collège du Bois d’Aulnes in Conflans SH more recently,

The immigration problem is still not resolved!

Official 2019 figures show the 276,000 immigrants who returned to France legally, including nearly 100,000 asylum seekers; on the other hand, independent experts expect a total of nearly 500,000! The first five nationalities are nationals of Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Guinea, Turkey… Their migratory balance between births and deaths would be 140,000 newborns, without them our fertility rate of 1.84 would be much lower . (The recovery rate is 2.1 in France and 2.33 worldwide)

The cost of an isolated minor entering would be 50,000 euros, which represents 30 million euros per year for 60,000 minors.

Experts estimate that the overall cost, including full management, would be $ 120 billion a year before these immigrants can become fully self-sufficient.

Some predict that we are on the way to Lebaneseization and even civil war if nothing is put in place quickly. Will the plan on separatism put a stop to this process? Nothing is less certain knowing that three federations or associations are against.

Significant changes will have to be put in place to greatly reduce the immigration process to perhaps achieve a chosen immigration?

The losses of our researchers do not help.

Many French patents go out or are found abroad. Even for our Nobel Prize in chemistry, the fruit of his work went to the United States and China. France no longer has the means to retain them or to buy the results of their research.

With the Covid, we realize that we have no Franco-French vaccine, nor any French manufacturing plant, this confirms our loss of industrial and research autonomy.

Which political figure will have the panache, the political courage, the program, to make our fellow citizens adhere to a saving turnaround; very quickly raise the level of France from the bottom, to the summits? It is possible, it is enough to pass some favorable laws.

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