After the health crisis: the French torn between optimism and pessimism

A major social crisis after the health crisis and the economic crisis? This is the fear of many French people, who say they are however optimistic about the economic outlook, whether for France or for themselves.

In an Odoxa survey carried out on behalf of BFM Business, eight in ten French people fear an increase in taxes, duties and charges which could provoke a new social movement of magnitude, of the “yellow vests” type. This crisis could start this fall or this winter, and he would have the support of a narrow majority of French people. 48% of VSE bosses questioned would also support such a social movement. Despite this fear, the French say they are relatively optimistic about their future. Admittedly, only 45% of them are confident about their personal situation in the next six months.

Fear of a major social movement

But 77% of working people are still confident about their jobs, which represents a gain of 6 points compared to last year. For the polling institute, this is the consequence of teleworking: despite the difficulties of setting up, the generalization of work at home is successful for 64% of French people and 69% of VSE bosses. Odoxa nevertheless underlines the negative consequences for half of the bosses (52%) as well as for a third of the employees.

Optimism for the economic situation

Six out of ten employees and a little more than five out of ten bosses are confident in the future of their economic situation in the months to come. Figures that should promote consumption, especially of non-food goods, a category that has been in decline since the outbreak of the health crisis: its index fell by 35 points during confinement. But it should rebound by 6 points out of the crisis. For 72% of French people questioned, the authorities could also set up consumer aid.