Aid for restaurateurs will continue after the reopening

Jean Castex announced that the restaurants will continue to benefit from public support, even after the reopening. It is about helping the sector ” most heavily impacted by the health crisis “.

The government does not intend to abandon the restaurant sector after the reopening of the rooms. During a trip to the Creuse, Jean Castex announced that the public authorities will not immediately disconnect the aid system. On the other hand, he did not pronounce on a horizon for the reopening, indicating however that the support of the State will be ” up to [la] bleeding »Suffered by restaurateurs. The sector was ” most heavily and longest impacted by the crisis “. Symbolic actions will be implemented during the second half of the year to promote the entire sector.

Financial aid and symbolic initiatives

Jean Castex recalled that it was necessary to exercise caution, the coming weeks will be “very sensitive” in terms of health. But “ we need to be ready the day we can push the button “, he added. In terms of aid, the government has improved the coverage of fixed costs for catering, hotel and tourism businesses. Bruno Le Maire has announced that 70% of fixed costs will be covered for companies with more than 50 employees and 90% for those with less than 50 employees who generate less than one million euros in monthly turnover. . Until now, the fixed costs were covered at 70%, with a monthly ceiling set at 200,000 euros per month.

A considerable effort on the part of the State

Underlining a ” absolutely considerable effort », The Minister of the Economy also tightened access to the solidarity fund for fast food companies. The latter will now have to justify the loss of at least 20% of their turnover to benefit from it. ” We end up with fast-food companies who live much better, which sometimes make 120, 130% of their turnover when they are closed. », Explained the tenant of Bercy.