AIDS: the preventive drug Prep available from general practitioners

From Tuesday, June 1, 2021, the preventive AIDS drug, Prep will be available from general practitioners. This measure responds to requests from hospitals and associations who wanted the drug to be more accessible.

The Prep available from the general practitioner

From this Tuesday, June 1, 2021, the preventive drug against the AIDS virus, pre-exposure prophylaxis better known under the name of Prep, will be available from general practitioners. If the date may seem lambda, it is on the contrary highly symbolic since June 1st is the start date of Pride Month. Historically, homosexuals were the most affected by AIDS, which had long been considered the disease of homosexuals.

If the drug has already been available for ten years, it was only available on hospital prescription, which restricted its accessibility. Dr Cédric Arvieux, infectious disease specialist at Rennes University Hospital and specialist in HIV, explained to West France : “ The difficulty was that it limited access to the Prep for a certain number of people. So hospitals but also patient associations, since 2016, have campaigned for this preventive treatment to be more widely available ”.

Available in pharmacies on prescription

Requests that will finally be heard since from Tuesday June 1, 2021: ” It will suffice to go to your general practitioner who can prescribe it on prescription. Today there are many generics of this drug which are fully covered by Health Insurance ”.

The aim of the Prep is to reduce the risk of AIDS infection. Prep is a preventative medicine which, when taken strictly according to the dosage, is 100% effective. It thus makes it possible to avoid contamination with the AIDS virus when one is in contact with it.