Air France launches a service to simplify health checks

The Air-France airline is launching Ready to Fly, a dematerialized service designed to speed up checks on health documents before boarding.

Ready to Fly available Saturday July 17th

Air France will launch its Ready to Fly service on Saturday July 17, 2021. The latter allows passengers on a flight departing from Paris and bound for Corsica or Overseas France to send in advance the health documents necessary for boarding and thus simplify and speed up airport checks. The aim of the maneuver is to relieve congestion and make travel within airports as smooth as possible.

In fact, this new Air France service will not simply check the health documents. The traveler who wishes to speed up his passage through the airport must send his documents a few days before his trip. Among the documents, the health pass in particular but also all the documents necessary for the trip and which are requested by the country of destination. Air France then takes care of the checks?

The Ready to Fly mention on the boarding pass

Once all the documents have been verified, Air France sends an email to the traveler who will have the Ready to Fly mention on their boarding pass. He will therefore only have to present his proof of identity and his ticket at the boarding counter. A considerable saving of time which should make it possible to avoid crowds in airports during the summer.

For the moment confined to Overseas France and Corsica, the Air France service will be gradually rolled out over the summer to other destinations mainly European at first. In its launch press release published Thursday, July 15, the company which tested the service during the month of June 2021, recalls that this service is free but also optional.