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The Air France subsidiary dedicated to domestic flights, Hop !, was the subject of a negative opinion from the work department (Direccte des Pays de la Loire). In question: the reclassifications of certain employees, who must join Air France, considered insufficient. But the elimination of jobs is not called into question.

Insufficient reclassification for the flight personnel of Hop!

For Air France, it is a blow: if the plan aiming to eliminate 1,007 positions is maintained, the part of the plan concerning the reclassification of part of the flight personnel must be reviewed. The Direccte ruled that the provisions are contrary to the Labor Code… whereas Air France has quite simply applied a common practice in the company.

Normally, if flight personnel arrive from another company to Air France, the latter starts at the bottom of the ladder, thus losing his seniority. When the staff comes from a competitor, for example, the situation does not pose any problems in theory … but Hop! is a subsidiary of Air France, and that’s where it gets stuck.

A position and an equivalent salary for pilots, hostesses and stewards

However, the labor management only gave a negative opinion on the issue of flight personnel: Air France has 21 days to review its copy, explains a pilot member of the CSE to West France. As presented, the plan will have resulted in a downgrading: a pilot with decades of experience would have found himself a co-pilot, and therefore with a lower salary than, for example, an Air France pilot with two years of seniority. .

We do not share all the observations of the Administration, we must nevertheless take into account its requests in order to be able to ensure the rapid implementation of the Plan », Declared, in a letter to employees unveiled by The gallery, Pierre-Olivier Bandet, CEO of Hop!

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