Airlines want overpriced tickets: 350 euros minimum – Economy

The National Union of French Airlines (UNCAF) recommends that the State set the price of national but also international flights, to help the sector recover from the various crises it is going through. Did you want to start traveling again as soon as the pandemic was over? At 350 euros minimum round trip, not sure that your banker agrees.

UNCAF wants the state to set a floor price for plane tickets

Faced with the strong impact of the health crisis on the economy of the airline sector but also with the ecological problem which is taking more place in the daily life of airlines, the National Union of French Airlines asks the State to help.

In a press release published on Monday February 15, 2021, the UNCAF asks the State to impose ” minimum fares for air carriers but also to set up ” floor prices per ticket so that companies stop selling at a loss which is the case with tickets at 1 euro or even at 29.90 euros often not even covering taxes … “.

A return trip on a national flight at 350 euros minimum

An understandable initiative but which is unlikely to be well received by travelers, since UNCAF offers the most exorbitant floor prices. Thus, the union proposes to set at “ a minimum price of a plane ticket of 350 euros including all taxes Round trip for national flights, 450 euros including tax return from or to Europe and 550 euros including tax return from or to all other destinations “.

The companies believe this pricing strategy is viable. ” By imposing this tariff law, the government would thus be making a strong, healthy and useful decision in environmental and economic matters (…) a real, immediate, green strategy and support for the economy rather than pulling out all the stops. with planes flying on dandelion gasoline in 2025 … “. But at this price, it is not certain to see travelers jostling at the airport.

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