Alcohol: increasing its price to reduce its consumption, good or bad idea? – EconomyMorning

How to fight against alcoholism, especially among young people? By stopping the ads? By raising public awareness? Or, as Inserm proposes, by establishing ” a minimum price per unit of alcohol “?

The French are heavy consumers of alcohol

With 12.6 liters on average per year and per inhabitant, the French are heavy consumers of alcohol. In the European ranking, France is in 8th place. More worryingly, young people drink a lot. A third of 18-35 year olds have a consumption considered “at risk”.

It must be said that in France, we have the culture of good food. We tend to say that wine is good for the heart. Except that, according to the French Institute for Health and Medical Research (Inserm), drinking alcohol is harmful and “ any consumption – even low – has a deleterious effect on health “.

A minimum price per unit of alcohol “.

To fight against alcoholism, especially among young people, there are several solutions. Reduce advertising on the Internet and public space by tightening the Evin law of 1991 on the fight against smoking and alcoholism. It is also necessary to educate and make the population aware of the dangers of drinking and driving and its harmful effects on health. But that’s not all, it is also possible to do as for the fight against smoking.

Increase the price of alcohol in the same way as we have increased the prices of cigarette packs: this is Inserm’s proposal. The institute wishes to establish ” a minimum price per unit of alcohol “. This increase would have a deterrent effect, especially among young people who do not ride gold. But will it really work? Are we not running the risk of witnessing a parallel market where people will go to get their supplies? Will there not be an increase in thefts from supermarkets? All of these questions are worth asking before making any decision.