Alfa Romeo has ten years to revive

The Alfa Romeo brand has lost a lot of its luster, but that does not mean that Stellantis intends to abandon it to its doom. The group gave it ten years to bounce back, with the right budget.

Alfa Romeo is part of the heritage of the Italian automotive industry. Created in 1910 in Milan, the brand has a very rich history, but unfortunately its star has faded over the years. In 1986, she joined Fiat, then the group moved closer to Chrysler. Finally, the merger with the French PSA allowed it to integrate the third world manufacturer, Stellantis. But that was not enough to straighten the accounts and the brand image. Worse: 70% of Alfa Romeo dealers indicated in a survey by the National Council of Automotive Professions (CNPA) that they wanted to stop their collaboration. Suffice to say that Alfa Romeo is on the brink.

Stellantis at Alfa Romeo’s bedside

But Carlos Tavares, Stellantis boss, has no plans to abandon Alfa Romeo. During a press conference, he first traced the diagnosis: “ there is no longer any connection between the Alfa Romeo range, the history of the brand, and its customers “. The solution is to improve distribution and ” better understand who we are addressing, what are the promises conveyed by the brand “. All of this is going to take time, and Carlos Tavares is ready to give it. Like Lancia, Chrysler and Maserati, Alfa Romeo will benefit from a 10-year period and 10-year financing for ” develop a strategy around a new range “.

See you in 2031

As for the Alfa Romeo brand, it is Jean-Philippe Imparato who will respond to the challenge. The latter was the architect of the recovery for Peugeot: there is therefore hope for the Italian manufacturer. This will have to invest in electrification, but also in a vision and find a ” passion “. The first results are expected for 2031: it seems far away, but everything is going very quickly in the automotive industry.