Amazon: a collective of 500,000 traders forms against the American giant

500,000 merchants and owners of physical stores have formed a collective against Amazon, demanding a “ tax fairness “.

A collective of merchants against Amazon

Despite the reopening of stores, city centers and shopping centers are infrequently visited and the situation worries merchants and owners of physical stores. In this drop in attendance, merchants see the paw of the e-commerce giant Amazon. Thus, in order to fight against the omnipresence of the American firm, 500,000 traders have joined together in the collective ” Save our traders “. This collective brings together small businesses and large shopping centers in a fight against 100% Internet businesses.

The collective launched Thursday, May 27, 2021 recalls that the presence of shops and physical stores “ is essential to the vitality of our territories “. However, traders denounce ” the exorbitant privileges enjoyed by ¬ĽAmazon with ” state support “And claim a” tax fairness “.

The collective fights against tax injustice

The president of the Confederation of French traders, Francis Palombi, pleaded on France Info, so that “ the rules of the game apply to each other “. He thus takes the example of the establishment of a hypermarket, ” When a hypermarket sets up, it is subject to very severe authorization requests. When an Amazon warehouse is created, on 50,000 to 150,000 square meters, it does not meet the criteria of a commercial sales area “. A glaring injustice according to him, which the state must remedy.

An injustice which is not the only one and which according to the collective to ” serious consequences, especially in terms of jobs or destruction of commerce “. The traders denounce in the first place the tax inequity, pointing the finger “ an injustice in the face of VAT “In favor of Amazon” which would hide 57% of its turnover, paid zero euros in corporate tax in 2020 “.