Amazon Prime Day 2020 recorded record sales of more than $ 3.5 billion

Vendors (mostly small and medium enterprises) recorded record sales exceeding $ 3.5 billion in Prime Day 2020, an increase of nearly 60% from last year.

Amazon just ended Prime Day, the largest annual shopping event exclusively for Prime members, spanning two days in 19 countries.

Prime Day is part of Amazon’s $ 18 billion investment plan this year to continue to drive sales for small and medium businesses. According to that, in just two weeks before the official event, Amazon has helped sales of small businesses increase more than $ 900 million through sponsoring a biggest promotion ever.

“We are delighted that the Prime Day series of events has helped the sales of SMEs worldwide continue to break records, with more than $ 3.5 billion – an increase of nearly 60% from last year” said Ms. Cindy Tai, Head of Amazon Global Selling for Asia Pacific.

Amazon Prime is designed for a better, convenient life.

More than 150 million members registered to Prime service worldwide have been enjoying the excellent benefits that Prime brings, including the leading shopping and entertainment experience.

During two days of Prime Day (October 13-14), Prime members worldwide have saved more than $ 1.4 billion thanks to attractive promotions, marking a good start to the season. upcoming shopping.

“We want to bring more opportunities for businesses to grow, as well as create conditions for customers to shop at more preferential costs at the end of this year. I am extremely grateful to our employees and partners who have contributed to the success of Prime Day, ”added Ms. Cindy Tai.

Amazon organized a big promotion for small businesses on the eve of Prime Day, followed by thousands of deals for small and medium businesses around the world in two official days. of the event.

Sales businesses from Vietnam also actively participate and bring many “Made in Vietnam” products with attractive promotions on this biggest shopping festival of Amazon. The best-selling categories include: Bedding, Wireless Accessories, Nutrition and Health Products, Arts, Crafts and Apparel, Healthcare …

“We feel very proud and fortunate to have this opportunity to partner with Amazon. Amazon’s Prime Day program is an opportunity for us to test the market’s demand for our products, from there. have better preparation for other exciting shows like Black Friday or Christmas Season in December.

“The thing that makes us believe most when selling on Amazon lies in the strict control of the counterfeit problem … thereby making products with quality, class and prestige like us in America. trust, “said Tran Van Tuoi, CEO of Sea Grapes Company, a sales house from Vietnam.

“We take advantage of Prime Day with Amazon’s large customer base across the US to increase market share, improve brand awareness and bring profit,” said Peter Nguyen, another Amazon seller. shall.

In September 2020, Amazon recruited an additional 100,000 full-time and part-time employees in its logistics, storage, and shipping networks across the US and Canada. With more than 150 new innovation processes and safety measures in place in recent months, hundreds of thousands of Amazon’s network employees are working at full capacity to ensure fast and secure shipping. effective for clients during Prime Day, the rest of the year and beyond.

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