America declared Texas fell into a great disaster

More than 15.1 million people in Texas are suffering water disruptions after a winter storm and freezing caused water supplies to more than 1,300 public water systems.

View of the hills next to Lake Waco Dam in Waco City, Central Texas on February 18, 2021. Photo: AFP

The above information was released by the Texas Environmental Quality Commission on February 20, accompanied by a warning to use boiled water.

On the same day, February 20, the US Federal Emergency Management Agency announced that US President Joe Biden had approved the declaration of a major catastrophic situation for Texas because the state was struggling with power outages and water shortages. a large area due to the effects of historic winter storms that are raging much of the United States.

The move by the US government paved the way to provide federal aid to Texans, including temporary housing assistance, housing repair assistance, cheap loans to cover the losses. Property without insurance.

Millions of Texans suffer from power outages and more than half of the state is experiencing water disruptions with recommendations for people to use boiled water.

The declaration of a major disaster will be accompanied by funding with state and local governments and emergency safeguards and risk reduction. Dozens of Texas counties may have access to aid.

The federal government had previously approved declaring a state of emergency for three states: Texas, Oklahoma, and Louisiana. In addition, Texas was provided with important items such as generators, warm blankets, water, and food.

“This is great news for the people of Dallas (Texas) after a horrifying week”, Dallas Mayor Eric Johnson assessed in social media. The mayor of Dallas also said: “The damage caused by the winter storm is enormous, and declared the disaster to help Dallas recover.”

President Biden plans to visit Texas next week. Biden said he would make a final decision on the visit after ensuring that his presence would not hinder efforts to revive the state. The federal government worked closely with Republican Texas Governor Greg Abbott in response to the disaster.

The approval of President Biden to declare a major catastrophic situation for Texas will help 77 counties of the state are reached aid. The White House said more counties would receive aid after a further assessment of the damage caused by the disaster. Previously, the Governor of Texas petitioned for a major disaster declaration for all 254 counties.

“I thank President Biden for his support as we respond to the effects of winter storms across the state,” said Governor Abbott. Big is an important first step, Texas will continue to work with federal partners to ensure people have access to relief, “Mr. Abbott said.

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