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America jailed Chinese professors to steal trade secrets and economic espionage

Mr. Hao Zhang appeared at a trial in California in October 2019 – Photo: Bloomberg

Bloomberg News on September 2 said that in the trial took place earlier this week in San Jose, California (USA), Mr. Zhang also had to pay compensation of 477,000 USD to the victims of two small technology companies. The Chinese professor was offered a sentence in a minimum security prison in California.

Judge Edward Davila presided over the trial without a jury, closing a seven-year-long case. Daniel Olmos, one of Zhang’s lawyers, did not comment on the verdict.

“Mr. Hao Zhang carried out these acts for the benefit of himself, his accomplices and the Chinese government. This is not competition but collusion, theft and economic espionage,” said the sub-agent. Blamed John F. Bennett of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) said in a statement about the incident on the US Department of Justice page.

Zhang, 41, was charged in 2015 in a campaign to crack down on Chinese intellectual property theft that was initiated under former US President Barack Obama, which spanned the presidency of Donald Trump. The campaign is aimed at Chinese scientists and scholars doing research in the US. The other five Chinese citizens who were investigated with Mr. Zhang have not been arrested.

Zhang is accused of colluding with a colleague at the University of Southern California to steal and sell US secrets to the Chinese government and military, through a shell company in the Cayman Islands, territorial waters. British subordinate.

Chinese espionage activities have long been a US concern. Relations between the two largest economies in the world recently also continuously deteriorated due to many problems from COVID-19, technology, Hong Kong, South China Sea.

President Donald Trump recently sanctioned China’s tech giant Huawei and banned US citizens and organizations from doing business with ByteDance and Tencent, which own popular apps like Tiktok and WeChat.

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