American kitchen: principle and layout ideas

Do you fancy American cuisine? Are you simply at the thinking stage or, on the contrary, well advanced in your efforts? If you’re wondering whether or not to opt for American cuisine, you’ve come to the right place.

What exactly is American cuisine?

An American kitchen is a kitchen open to another room, whether it is the dining room or the living room, sometimes both. It is a kitchen often sought after in modern family homes as it allows the cooker to see others and continue to participate in family life. They expand the space and make the place a more versatile place than before. You can sit around the table or the island to read, work or do your homework.

How to create an American kitchen?

The first step, when it comes to designing an open plan kitchen like American kitchens are, is to consider the layout of the kitchen and how it works with the rest – living room or dining room. Keep in mind, for example, that once your kitchen is open, it will have a sound and visual impact. It will no longer be possible to close the door on noisy devices. And if countertops remain cluttered after preparing a meal, it will show. Likewise, the cupboards will be clearly visible at all times, so you will have to choose them wisely. Opt for elegant storage.

Choose the right layout

Take some time to think about how people will move around your new open plan room. The circulation space between the zones must not be obstructed by furniture. And a reflection must be carried out to avoid, for example, that the kitchen area and the television area are sufficiently far apart. Watching TV or talking can be difficult due to background noise from pots and appliances. You should keep in mind that some dishwasher cycles can be noisy and will do nothing to soften the atmosphere in the room.

Choosing a simple kitchen design

Having an open room means ensuring that the kitchen and living room are harmonious. The chairs or stools should visually work with the living room sofa and armchairs. There needs to be a balance between the kitchen cupboards and the dining area rug. To not visually overload the space, opt for a simple kitchen design. You will always be in time to accentuate with a few accessory pieces like cushions, which will allow you to distinguish the living space from the rest.

Mark the different spaces

It is important that you consider zones. Where is the living room, where does the dining room start, where am I in the kitchen? Where are you going to position your dining table? You don’t want to travel miles between your kitchen and your table. So think about dining and cooking together. An open space does not necessarily mean that all spaces live in one piece, on the contrary. You can have an American kitchen and keep elements that will visually “mark” the areas. Think of the floors which can be different or of low walls, bookcases, glass doors which can delimit the space.

What style of American cuisine?

Once you have decided which elements you will incorporate into your American kitchen, think about the style of the cupboards and the materials of your countertops. When it comes to the style of your kitchen, there are several options available to you. If the overall look of your layout is more contemporary, then very stylish flat front kitchen units may suit you, complementing the simple lines of your sofa and dining room furniture. If your furniture is a little more classic, opt for kitchen cupboards in the same vein.

Choosing the right American kitchen color

All colors are possible! Here are a few examples.

White Kitchens: White is a popular choice for open plan kitchens as it reflects light which gives an overall airy feel and also more spacious. If you’re worried it’ll be too cold, try adding wood finishes – for example, your countertops or bar stools.

Gray Kitchens: Gray is a great alternative to white if you like the idea of ​​a bright and spacious kitchen, but are worried about it getting dirty.

Cream or off-white kitchens: These tones may appear softer than white if your home is in a traditional style.

Black or Dark Kitchens: Black, black and white or dark-toned elements can make a big impression if you want a trendy kitchen.

Choose the right work plan

Whether your kitchen is American or not, choosing a good worktop is an important step. You benefit from a whole range of countertop materials ranging from laminate to natural stone, including composites, wood, as well as other materials such as stainless steel or concrete. Keep in mind that everyone has their own maintenance requirements as well as their qualities. Once again, the key point to note is that the open layout means that the worktop is exposed to view from the living room, at all times. So consider the practical and aesthetic qualities.

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