American protesters demanded tally each ballot

Protests are spreading in the US with crowds of demonstrators supporting Trump and demanding to stop tallying invalid votes.

Attorneys representing the group fighting to stop the counting of the Republicans seek to enter the polling point in downtown Detroit, Michigan on November 4, 2020. Photo: AFP

After the “Count every ballot” movement in Portland, Oregon, plus another protest movement demanding racial equality and police violence, some protesters left the crowd and smashing glass doors in downtown Portland. The local police have called these actions riot.

In the city of Minneapolis, Minnesota, hundreds of protesters blocked Interstate 94 and police subsequently arrested. Meanwhile, many protesters complained on social media that police officers arrested them to stop the protesters.

Among the crowd of protesters supporting the counting of votes, 59-year-old voter Carol Carmick said that Joe Biden would win the 2020 US presidential election, but she fears that current President Donald Trump will fight against that outcome. “It was a very dangerous moment,” said Mrs. Carmick.

According to the New York Times, crowd demonstrations also increased in Chicago, New York and Philadelphia. Some protesters demanded a tally of the entire vote, while other groups of protesters fear the Republicans will try to prevent the full tally of the votes. At this point, it is still unclear Republicans will take over these that action is clear

In Detroit, Michigan, Trump-pro-Trump protesters called for a halt to the vote count and chanted Trump’s claim that the tally of invalid votes prevented him from winning in Michigan. The pro-Trump protest group gathered outside a ballot-counting center, banging the glass doors and shouting: “Stop tallying the votes.” Meanwhile, another protest group in this state called for further counting of the votes.

In the state of Arizona – which witnessed the suffocating race between Joe Biden and Donald Trump, the vote tally activity in the city of Phoenix is ​​still going on. Here, the protest movement against the counting of votes attracted a few groups to participate.

According to the New York Times update at 11:50 p.m. on November 4 (Northeastern American time zone), Joe Biden continued to dominate Donald Trump in the 253: 214 electoral votes after a narrow victory. Biden’s stars in two important states, Wisconsin and Michigan.

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