Anti-Covid 19 vaccine: second-line jobs soon to be a priority

Better late than never “. People working in a “second line” profession will soon be able to be vaccinated as a priority. Almost 400,000 workers over the age of 55 are affected.

Covid-19: priority “second line” professions for the vaccine

We did not applaud them during the first confinement and yet, everyone agreed that they were essential. Garbage collectors, childminders, cashiers, bus drivers, maintenance workers, truck drivers, funeral directors … These second-line jobs are particularly exposed to the risk of catching Covid-19. And as for other professions, they called for the possibility of being vaccinated as a priority.

Tuesday, April 20, 2021, Élisabeth Borne, the Minister of Labor met with representatives of the so-called second-line professions. The objective was to expand the list of professions that can benefit from specific niches to be vaccinated against Covid-19. Until now, it is the police, gendarmes and teachers over 55 who are part of it.

Who are the priority workers for vaccination against Covid-19?

To determine the jobs that will be priority for getting vaccinated, several criteria had to be taken into account: social contacts, presence on site, exercise in a closed environment, difficulty in complying with barrier gestures and more risky professions identified by the Institut Pasteur. In total, 400,000 workers over the age of 55 and from around twenty trades are concerned.

It is from Saturday April 24, 2021 and for two weeks that “second line” workers will be able to be vaccinated against Covid-19. It was time, it had been a long time that these sectors had been waiting for this priority.