Anti-Covid masks: four NGOs warn about the toxicity of certain models

According to four NGOs, anti-Covid masks that contain graphene, a nanomaterial with antiviral and antibacterial properties are ” potentially toxic “. In Canada, they were withdrawn from the market but they are still sold in France and in Europe.

Masks ” potentially toxic »Because of the graphene they contain

While the artisanal mask is prohibited in certain places, it is now the turn of the FFP2 mask to find itself in the hot seat. Indeed, ETC Group, Center for International Environmental Law (SKY), Health Care Without Harm and Women Engage for a Common Future ; four NGOs specializing in environmental health issues have launched a communication aimed at alerting the public. It is from the front page of Bild, the best-selling daily in Germany, on which we see the President of the European Commission that David Azoulay, responsible within the CIEL, launches the alert. ” Does President Ursula von der Leyen even know what she inhaled? “. And for good reason, she wears an FFP2 mask which contains graphene, a nanomaterial (material made up of tiny particles) which is said to have antiviral and antibacterial properties.

According to NGOs, masks containing graphene and which are sold in France as well as in Europe, are ” potentially toxic “. Some people who use them may have difficulty breathing, feel like they are breathing animal hair, or experience skin irritation. In Canada, the government recalled millions of masks of this type at the end of March and the Ministry of Health ” advises Canadians not to wear masks containing graphene, as they may inhale graphene particles, which may pose health risks “.

Canada withdrew graphene-containing masks from the market

According to Elisabeth Ruffinengo, lawyer for the NGO Women Engage for a Common Future, ” We do not question the need to wear the mask. It’s just a shame that by wanting to protect individuals from Covid, we create another potential dangerous exposure », Reports LCI. If the highest health authority in Canada has made this decision, it is normal that Europe is asking questions “.

Health Canada explain that ” the Ministry will not have carried out an in-depth scientific analysis and established the safety and efficacy of masks containing graphene, it will act according to the precautionary principle: withdraw them from the market while continuing to collect and evaluate data “. A precautionary principle that has not yet been implemented in France. If in doubt, it is therefore better to wear surgical masks or category 2 (UNS2) fabric masks which filter 70% of particles.