Anti-pigeon repellent: 12 effective solutions!

The pigeons are very pretty and friendly birds that we find in cities, on buildings, but also in the countryside. They remain quite undesirable, because they produce many droppings whose content is very aggressive, because acidic and harmful for surfaces of roofs, windows and other constructions. Besides this problem, there are also the health and aesthetic aspects. To get rid of the droppings without having to clean all the time, there are a few tips to keep these beautiful birds away for long periods of time.

The balcony

If pigeons land on your balcony, you can drive them away using the following tips:

  • Lay metal or PVC coverings on the edges
  • Attach adhesive to the railing
  • Put small skewers on the edges

Always remember that pigeons are curious and love to land on high surfaces to watch everything going on outside while being protected from potential aggressors.

The roof

The pigeons like to come and populate the roofs in colonies. These spaces are privileged to accommodate their nests. It is therefore necessary to prevent them from landing on the tiles. Put on tile filler plates which will allow them to come and reproduce. There is also fine wire mesh to serve as a barrier. This product is inexpensive, but the installation is rather long.

The chimney and the gutters

The chimney and the gutters are still favorite places for pigeons. Do not hesitate to put wire mesh and pimples that will prevent them from nesting while allowing rainwater to drain away.

The garden

If pigeons come to your garden, it is because they find food in abundance. It is therefore necessary to avoid:

  • Have food within reach
  • To sow grass seeds without protecting them
  • To leave elements that serve as their perch

What you can do to prevent pigeons from your garden:

  • Install anti-bird nets on trees
  • Put skewers where they land
  • Remove all the elements they use to build their nest
  • Place scary items like an old CD
  • Loud or moving objects
  • A scarecrow

Items found in commerce to scare away pigeons

If you want to get the pigeons out of your garden, there are some commercially available items that are quite effective. You can thus acquire scaring balloons that work quite well.

  1. These pvc balloons with a diameter of 40 cm look like big eyes. You just need to inflate them and place them in height. Thus, count a balloon for a surface of 500 m².
  2. The synthetic hawks are also designed to scare away pigeons and other birds. You secure them with nylon thread and a rotating hook. The price is expensive, but this system is very efficient
  3. The ultrasonic box that one finds in the trade, is fixed along a wall of the house or the building. Its principle is also to scare away pigeons.
  4. The repellent gel is odorless to humans, but irritates pigeons’ legs. It should be poured on the window sills or the railing of your balcony.
  5. The repellent powder is also effective in removing pigeons, but it only lasts a fortnight.
  6. The repellent spray is just as effective, but only lasts a week. It also repels other birds.

Home-made tips to scare away pigeons

  1. The violet laser is an enemy for pigeons. It is effective for about 200 meters. It is enough to bombard it on the pigeons so that they do not come back again, because they fear it very much.
  2. A t-shirt wearing your scent on a hanger hanging outside scares away pigeons and birds in general. This trick works very well.
  3. The aluminum foil is a very good product to scare away pigeons. Cut it into strips and hang them from trees, windows or your balcony.
  4. The windmill is a children’s toy that you find everywhere in supermarkets. As soon as there is a little wind, it starts to move and the colors mix. So the pigeons are afraid of it and go away.
  5. Tend metal wires very thin between two trees or two points. The pigeons will not be able to land on it and will be destabilized.
  6. The drone is a new way to scare away all birds in general. This flying machine makes noise and they do not identify it and therefore consider it as a potential danger just like the flying reduced models such as small planes or helicopters possibly.

There are also specialized companies that come to eradicate pigeons when there are too many of them. Finally, be aware that it is forbidden to feed pigeons so that they do not overpopulate a living area.

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