Antigenic tests: a solution for a rapid containment of the pandemic – economy

43.20 EUROS

The new price of RT-PCR test in the nomenclature is 43.20

Since the start of the health crisis in March 2020, the PCR test has been the master of the Covid-19 screening campaign in France. However, there are faster and less expensive tests that can be the solution to slow the epidemic recovery while awaiting the first results of the vaccine campaign in the summer of 2021: antigen tests.

Unlike PCR testing, antigen testing does not primarily use the practice of the nasal swab. There are antigenic tests that can be performed alone and are therefore cheaper and faster to produce.

Epidemiologist Martin Blachier sees antigenic tests as the answer to a new strategy to contain the health recovery in France and regrets that these funds are not highlighted enough in the country’s prevention strategy. Doctor Blachier has agreed to answer questions from the staff of Economy / Health Matin.

Find here the interview of Doctor Blachier for Economy / Health Matin with Jean-Baptiste Giraud.

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