APL: the government reviews its copy for professionalization contracts

The reform of personal housing assistance (APL) that entered into force on January 1, 2012 led to a drop in APL for people on professionalization contracts. A decline which the government has decided to remedy by reviewing its copy.

A new calculation unfavorable to professionalization contracts

The reform of the APL, which entered into force on January 1, 2021, led to the implementation of a new calculation unfavorable to people under professional training contracts. Thus, before the reform, the APL were calculated every year on the basis of income received two years previously. From January 1, the calculation is made every three months based on the income of the last twelve months.

For students, no noticeable change, since the government has set up a “student package” making it possible to block variations in housing allowances. For positions under professionalization contracts, the vast majority of which are occupied by young people, the reform has led to a drop in APL.

The government is backing down

If professional contracts are experiencing a decline in their APL, this is not the case for apprenticeship contracts which have a reduction in their income up to a minimum wage, or 1,554.58 euros. A reduction which allows an increase in APL. In order to allow professionalization contracts not to suffer from the reform, the government is reviewing its copy and will align the calculation of professional contracts with that of apprenticeship contracts.

This new measure will come into force in September 2021 but a transitional measure will be applied from May 2021. From May 2021, the amount of their APL will be modeled on that of December 2020 with a retroactive effect for the first months of the year 2021.