APL: the reform makes many more losers than winners

On January 1, 2021, the reform of the calculation of Personalized Housing Assistance (APL) entered into force. Feared by beneficiaries and wanted by the government, it directly impacts millions of households. And, as expected, it has more losers than winners, according to information the newspaper was able to obtain. The echoes.

The number of beneficiary households drops drastically

The newspaper The echoes was able to consult a study by the Ministry of Solidarity on the impact of the reform of the APL. As a reminder, this reform induces a new calculation for aid, closer to the exact gain of beneficiary households. However, according to data from the National Family Allowance Fund (Cnaf) and the Ministry of Solidarity, it is simple: the number of APL beneficiaries fell by 8.4% in January 2021 compared to December 2020. With nearly 6 million households receiving this aid in France, this represents nearly 500,000 beneficiary households less.

And the drop in the number of beneficiaries continued, according to data consulted by The echoes : between January and March 2021, 18,500 fewer households were eligible for APL as a result of the reform.

APL: nearly 4 out of 10 households lose

The echoes, in the article published on June 6, 2021, reveal other figures: those given by the Cnaf to the board of directors and which have not been published. According to these data, 41% of beneficiary households, or more than 2 million households, were losers. If the reform had not taken place, their aid would have stagnated or declined, but less quickly.

But of these 41% of households, 12% are the big losers: without the reform, their housing assistance would have increased in January 2021, while it fell.

Only 26% of households win with the reform

The government had said it: the reform of the APL was designed to save money. In fact, it is not surprising that the number of winning households with the reform is minimal. According to data consulted by The echoes, 26% of beneficiaries saw their APL increase on January 1, 2021. The majority of them, about two in three, would not have seen an increase or a much smaller increase.

The big winners of the reform are ultimately only 9% of households : those whose reform increased APLs whereas, without it, they would have seen their aid drop in 2021.