Apple AirTags: no NAZI but KKK is fine

Apple presented its new products on April 20, 2021, including colors for its devices… and AirTags. These devices are simply trackers: you put them in your keys and you will always know where they are. But there you go… there’s a personalization feature that’s… weird.

Apple censors the NAZI but not the KKK (and that’s not all)

The Verge from April 20, 2021 tried to personalize the AirTags and discovered that it was impossible to write, in emoji (because it is possible to put emojis) “shithorse”, a term describing a sexual position. On the other hand, still according to the site, “horseshit”, or horse shit, it is possible.

In French too, as Numerama and Frandroid point out, censorship exists: “CUL” cannot be integrated into AirTags, but “BITE” yes, no doubt because in English “BITE” is none other than the verb “bite” .

We wanted to do our own tests… and we discovered that the term “NAZI” is censored, without any real surprise. On the other hand, “KKK”, the initials of the racist organization Klu Klux Klan, it is possible. Of course, Apple can say that KKK can also be initials, but in this case “CUL” can also be …

And we will notice that “HOE” is not censored by the site, even though the term is the equivalent of “PUTE” in French, which is censored. But “PUTE” in turn means “turkey” in German. In short, it’s a bit complicated and without real logic.