Apple sued for lack of warranty on water resistance

The Apple Giant iPhones are sold as water resistant. A resistance which is not guaranteed by Apple and which is worth to the firm a lawsuit in the United States.

IPhone is water resistant

For several years, water resistance has been one of the criteria put forward by companies marketing smartphones and Apple is no exception to the rule. But if Apple sells its iPhones touting their water resistance, the company does not guarantee this resistance. A choice to avoid the voluntary behavior of some customers and those despite the crash-test videos released by Apple showing the company’s devices sprayed with water and still working.

However, the choice not to guarantee the water resistance of its devices is frowned upon by some customers who have decided to sue the group for not having specified enough the water resistance frameworks of iPhones. .

Salt or chlorinated water damages the system

Indeed, the applicants question that the tests carried out by Apple were carried out with pure water, whereas most of the time accidents take place with chlorinated or salt water. Gold the tests carried out showed that this water caused damage to the device.

Another point put forward by the applicants, the advice given by Apple, which advises rinsing the iPhone with clear water if the latter were to be stained. However, if during this recommended manipulation, the iPhone was damaged, Apple will not agree to invoke the warranty. The complainants therefore request that Apple modify the marketing materials of the models affected by the complaint. The brand is also requested to reimburse legal costs, as well as the payment of financial compensation.