Apple: the European Commission sides with Spotify

The European Commission sided with Spotify in the conflict between it and Apple, accused of unfair competition.

Apple’s unfair competition

The leader of music streaming Spotify had last March denounced the unfair competition practices put in place by Apple and had decided to file a complaint. Spotify accused Apple of taking advantage of its hegemony over the App Store to favor its music streaming service Apple Music. A fight that Spotify is about to win since the European Commission has decided to side with Spotify.

In a tweet published on April 30, 2021, the Commissioner for Digital and Competition at the European Commission, Margrethe Vestager publicly sided with Spotify. ” Our preliminary conclusion: Apple is in breach of European competition law. AppleMusic competes with other music streaming services. But Apple charges rivals in the App Store high commissions and forbids them to inform about other subscription options. Consumers are losers », She explains.

Apple denies accusations

Thus, the position taken by the European Commission announces the launch of legal proceedings against Apple for unfair competitive practices. Apple is accused of harming users’ information on the existence of other means than that of the App Store which generates a commission of 30%.

Apple defends itself against any accusation of non-competitive practices with from Ars : “ Spotify has become the number one streaming service in the world, and we are proud of the role we have played […] Spotify does not pay any commission to Apple on 99% of its subscriptions, and only pays 15% commission on any remaining subscriptions acquired with the App Store. », Explained a representative of the firm to the apple.