Are deer antlers a good gnawing treat for your dog?

Across the Atlantic, deer antler is considered one of the best chews for dogs. It begins to be sought in France by more and more masters. Let’s discover the many qualities of antler which has every chance of becoming a canine’s favorite treat.

Are deer antlers a good gnawing treat for your dog?

Deer antlers: perfect chewing antlers for dogs

Here are the main qualities of antler.

  • 100% natural product, it is none other than the molting antlers of wild deer,
  • Without Conservative agent,
  • Without chemicals,
  • Without artificial flavor,
  • Odorless,
  • Rot-proof,
  • Hypoallergenic,
  • Do not stain,
  • Well provided:
    • iron, which is very important for blood cells,
    • zinc, an anti-obesity ally,
    • in magnesium, which contributes to the energetic functioning of the muscular system, promotes psychological balance and is recognized as a natural stress reliever,
    • phosphorus and calcium, essential for the proper constitution of teeth and bones,
    • in potassium, participates in the proper functioning of muscles and nerve cells,
    • in glucosamine, a molecule whose role is essential for the joints,
    • collagen, a structural protein that makes tissues more resistant to mechanical stretching,
    • lipids, which participate in the proper development of the puppy and help it grow.
  • Satiating, it is an excellent appetite moderator, which is very useful in very greedy dogs who tend to be overweight,
  • Very attractive to dogs,
  • Very resistant, it does not flake or crack: it can be chewed for several months,
  • Does not present any danger to canines.

The antlers of large central European deer are suitable for puppies as in adult dogs and to old dogs for which it represents an exceptional toy.

Which deer antler to choose for your dog?

It is recommended to buy this dog treat from a reputable supplier who markets the antlers collected less than 12 months, after their natural fall. Each deer antler is therefore a bone structure containing marrow. It must not be neither dry nor whitish. If it is too old, it may crack or even break.

As for the type of wood, it must be chosen according to the age and / or size of the dog. A large adult dog with a pretty impressive jaw can quite chew on a large caliber deer antler. For a puppy, an adult dog of small stature or even an elderly dog ​​whose teeth are no longer of very good quality, it is necessary to choose sliced ​​deer antler of smaller size. The dog can reach the marrow more easily.

To give your dog good deer antlers, you opt for a AA quality. It comes from the moulting of large central European deer. It is sliced ​​and then classified by size.

  • S (10 cm): for a puppy or a very small dog. Between 8 and 10 €,
  • M (15 cm): for a dog weighing between 10 and 29 kg, also suitable for a puppy. From 12 to 15 €,
  • L (15 cm but weight greater than M): for a dog weighing 20 to 29 kg. Around € 20.
  • XL (20 cm, 250 g on average): for large dogs from 30 kg. From 22 to 25 €,
  • XXL (20 cm, up to 350 g): for giant dogs and dogs with strong jaws. Between 30 and 35 €.

The dimensions and weights are of course variable since it is a natural product. No deer antler is like another.

Chewing deer antlers is important for the dog

If you want to give your dog a high-quality treat, deer antler is essential because it is much preferable to plastic toys. In addition, it can be chewed for much longer than a beef bone, for example, without bursting or cracking, or even giving off a foul odor.

This has many advantages. The dog is not at risk of injuring itself, and chewing antler allows its teeth to be descaled, which considerably limits the appearance of dental plaque. However, we know that this is a scourge for the teeth of the dog and can lead to many health problems.

Note also that masticate is a excellent stress reliever for this little 4-legged companion. Often alone from morning to night when his master is working, the dog is bored, loses patience, and it is common for him to trash furniture, wallpaper or even some personal belongings of family members. With such a chewable toy, as good and solid, he can happily focus for hours on his toy to try to extract the marrow, which greatly limits the risk of damage in the home. We can therefore safely say that deer antlers are a good treat for dogs to chew on.

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