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I thought of you while reading an article saying that some robot vacuum cleaner owners were attached to it like a cat … And there, I said to myself “I never spoke about my robot vacuum cleaners”. So yes, I confess it to you today: I own several robot vacuum cleaners, which I am very happy with.

The robot vacuum cleaner, a real time saver

On the other hand, no, I am not attached to it like a cat: no doubt because I also have a cat. But if I am telling you about it today, it is obviously to tell you that it is far from being a gadget: the robot vacuum cleaner really changes life. To tell you all, we hardly ever take the canister vacuum cleaner at home again, it’s the robot vacuum cleaner that does all the work.

And when you see what it sucks, and conscientiously cups in its tank, you can’t imagine doing better. And above all, it’s absolutely effortless, apart from the tank to be emptied from time to time, which is a real moment of satisfaction! What about the price? Well be aware that we find very efficient robot vacuum cleaners from 150 euros. At this price, you don’t compromise on performance, they already clean very, very well, I witness and vouch for that.

Robotic vacuum cleaners at affordable prices

I even have a small model bought a few tens of euros which does a good job in a bedroom or in a bathroom. Simply, at this price, it does not return to charge itself on its base, unlike its big brothers. The connected robot vacuum cleaner is now standard. but in reality, it’s more of a gadget.

You don’t really need to control your vacuum cleaner from your phone or give it orders out loud. Finally, important thing, the robot vacuum cleaner is a durable product, not a disposable one. The oldest in my team will soon be six, and he is still brave.

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