Are vaccinations reimbursed by animal insurance?

If you want to adopt a pet in the months to come, know that you will need to take care of it and get it treated to keep it in good shape. If a puppy or kitten comes home, you will need to do so quickly chip and vaccinate. Not only is it essential for your small pet to be protected against disease, but it must also be able to live in good health without being a risk to others.

Get insurance for pets

If you are thinking of taking out insurance for him in order to properly care for your pet and to minimize your veterinary expenses, be sure to find out about the essential clauses of your contract before signing it. Thus, many animal insurance companies now offer to reimburse, at least partially or in full, vaccines as part of a prevention package. Here are some explanations to help you choose the most suitable insurance for the health protection of your companion.

Focus on vaccines for cats and dogs

In our country, the only compulsory vaccination for the dog is the one against the rage. It is compulsory for category 1 and 2 dogs such as the Pit-Bull, the Rottweiler, the Boer bull or the Tosa. It is good to know that no dog can travel without this vaccine. In addition, you will not be able to purchase health insurance for him if he is not vaccinated against rabies. In addition to rabies, veterinarians vaccinate dogs against Rubarth’s hepatitis, leptospirosis, distemper and parvovirus. Cats must also be vaccinated against rage only. As some diseases cause health disasters in them, the vaccines given to them are typhus, coryza, leukosis and chlamydia. Know that if these animals do not have these vaccines, you will not be able to keep them in boarding for example. If you are also going on a camping holiday, vaccines may be requested.

Coverage of vaccines by animal insurance

To do vaccinate cats, the annual expenses are quite large. It takes around 80 €. You will be able to claim at least partial compensation if you have chosen this package in your insurance. Classified in comfort care, you will not find this package in the basic formulas. You must therefore plan to take out full insurance for your animal including this package. The vaccine reimbursement varies from 10 to 45 € on average. To benefit from this package, the monthly insurance payment for your cat will be around € 30.

For dogs, the vaccination reimbursement also depends on the insurance plan you are going to choose. Vaccines are also included in the prevention package or veterinary costs. Not all insurers classify vaccination under the same heading. You must therefore read all the lines of your contract carefully. The price of the vaccine for a dog is around 55 €. If you need to vaccinate a puppy, know that it takes more than 80 €, because the animal needs two injections at the beginning.

Price of animal insurance covering vaccination

The price of an animal insurance contract covering vaccination differs depending on several elements such as:

  • The amount of the deductible (s)
  • The breed of the animal
  • The age of the animal
  • The amount of the compensation limit
  • The waiting period
  • Options not included at the base such as reimbursement of food supplements, sterilization, etc.

In general, three deductibles are offered to you with the basic formula, the intermediate formula and the full formula. Even if you choose the full plan to insure your dog or cat, it does not mean that it will reimburse the vaccines.

How can the animal insurance company reimburse vaccines?

Once you are sure your pet is reimbursed by insurance when it is vaccinate, you will have to incur the costs and then request reimbursement. For this, you must have the veterinarian fill out the care sheet and ask for a detailed invoice. You must then send these two documents to your insurer. It is advisable to always keep a photocopy of these documents in the animal’s file. Some insurance companies accept that you send these documents by e-mail. You then receive the refund within an average of one week

To best protect your little companions and be reimbursed correctly, use an online animal insurance comparator before taking out a contract. Thus, you will receive many insurance proposals that you can compare easily. This process is completely free and without any commitment on your part.

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