Are vaccines reimbursed by dog ​​insurance?

You can be reimbursed, at least partially, for the vaccination of your dog provided you have taken care to choose the good insurance formula. In fact, all contracts do not include vaccination, far from it, and it may even be an optional guarantee that should not be forgotten to add to the formula chosen at the time of subscription. . Let’s go back for a moment to the obligation to have your dog vaccinated in France, what a dog vaccine costs, and what is the best solution to find a health insurance contract including the vaccine guarantee.

Vaccinate your dog

The law obliges the owners of dangerous dogs – that is to say belonging to categories 1 and 2 – to have their animal vaccinated against rabies. An obligation that also falls on the owners of dogs in other categories when they plan to travel with their small companion. There are many other vaccines for dogs, not mandatory, but highly recommended, and which are more and more required – in addition to the one against rabies – by the owners of dog boarding for example or by insurers themselves. themselves. The targeted diseases are among others leptospirosis, parvovirus, distemper, Rubarth’s hepatitis …

All of these pathologies are extremely serious. Getting your dog vaccinated is therefore a matter of common sense because it can save his life. Vaccination is also the effective solution to avoid contamination, knowing that certain diseases are transmissible to humans.

How much does dog vaccination cost?

For example, it takes an average of 60 € per year to vaccinate your dog adult, and 120 € if it is a puppy since two injections are necessary. Note, however, that depending on the vaccine, the bill can climb for an adult animal to 90 or 100 € and, concerning that against leishmaniasis, the amount increases further to reach 230 € because it is necessary to perform three injections.

Let us not forget that in our country, the prices are set freely by the veterinarians. Taking care of your dog throughout his life is therefore very expensive, because it is not only the vaccination to take into account.

Dog health insurance, vaccine coverage not always included

Contrary to what many owners think when purchasing a contract in a rush, not all dog health insurance plans include the vaccine guarantee. This means that the animal’s vaccination is not reimbursed by the company if the contract taken out does not include it. This is why we recommend to always inquire before subscribing. We must check thescope of guarantees. If the formula does not meet his expectations, the owner of the animal should continue his research to find the dog insurance that suits him best.

We can therefore say that each company concocts its own formulas. Similarities exist from one offer to another, but the comparison must be made in detail so as not to regret your choice later.

Choose a dog insurance plan that reimburses the vaccination

It is certain that by opting for a basic formula which only partially covers the current costs linked to an accident, the owner will in no case be able to be reimbursed for the vaccination of his animal. It can be a guarantee built into the higher range formulas or in a Prevention package which can be chosen in addition because it is not always included in current contracts. But you should know that some companies do not offer any contract including the coverage of vaccination.

It all depends on the insurer to which you contact. This is one of the key points when you want to take out a contract. Unfortunately, many owners forget to check before committing. The surprise when the time comes to have your dog vaccinated can be bitter because this act is quite expensive.

Download the general conditions before taking out a dog insurance contract

We can never advise teachers enough to take the time to read the general conditions carefully before making their choice. Everything must be combed through, and the vaccine reimbursement guarantee must be stipulated in black and white, just like the other guarantees included in the chosen formula. This is what a comparator of mutual health insurance for dogs is used for. With a few clicks, the master can receive several offers that meet his expectations. It is up to him to make play the competition, tough in this field. The use of this comparative tool is free and does not commit to anything.

In the vast majority of cases, animal insurers offer three formulas (basic, intermediate, premium). Some include the vaccine guarantee in the intermediate formula, others only in the high-end formula, while still others offer a additional prevention type contract which allows you to be reimbursed at least partially for vaccination, sterilization, identification, certain food products for therapeutic purposes or for the purchase of lotions prescribed by the veterinarian.

Depending on the insurance company, the price of a dog health contract including the cost of vaccination costs between 20 and 32 € per month. But for this amount, the dog enjoys relatively extensive coverage.

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