AstraZeneca continues to be at a disadvantage when it comes to bringing Covid-19 vaccine into the US

The US has just accepted Johnson & Johnson Pharmaceutical Group to be in charge of a vaccine factory of Emergent BioSolutions, after an incident of mixing vaccine ingredients at this factory was wrong.

Incorrect mixing of the ingredients in the Covid-19 vaccine at Resolution BioSolutions factory caused 15 million doses to fail. Photo: AFP

The move prevented British pharmaceutical company AstraZeneca from continuing to use the Emergent BioSolutions as a vaccine base, a senior US health official said.

And Johnson & Johnson Group (J&J) confirmed that they “take full responsibility” for the vaccine factory of Emergent BioSolutions in the city of Baltimore, Maryland. The US pharmaceutical company also reaffirmed that it will provide 100 million doses of Covid-19-resistant vaccine to the US government by the end of May.

An unnamed health official said, the US Department of Health & Human Services supports the transfer of Emergent BioSolutions to the J&J Group for management and use.

Meanwhile, the British pharmaceutical company AstraZeneca has not yet been licensed by the US to use the Covid-19 vaccine in the country, while the company said it will work with the presidential administration of Joe Biden to find a vaccine production site. replace.

White House officials are currently not available to comment on the matter.

Previously, the New York Times reported that the transfer of Emergent BioSolutions to the J&J Group further hindered AstraZeneca’s efforts to obtain a vaccine license in the country, in the context of Washington criticizing the British pharmaceutical company for using old data. to include in the evaluation of the Covid-19 vaccine trial results. AstraZeneca subsequently updated their results.

Earlier last week, workers at Resolution BioSolutions plant had a serious problem mixing the ingredients in Johnson & Johnson & AstraZeneca’s Covid-19 vaccines, causing 15 million doses to fail. Johnson & Johnson said that at that time the damaged vaccine batch was not in the bottling and finalization stage.

The New York Times quoted two senior federal health officials as saying that the move by the US government was to ensure that the Emergent BioSolutions factory produced only one dose of Johnson & Johnson’s vaccine, and at the same time avoiding work. mix the ingredients later.

A leading infectious disease doctor in the US said Reuters that the country may not need the AstraZeneca vaccine even if the vaccine is licensed.

In a related move, the US has reached loan agreements through the provision of Mexico and Canada – two partners in the USMCA Trade Agreement – about 4 million doses of Covid-19-resistant vaccine produced by AstraZeneca in the country. this.