AstraZeneca. Vaccination the lack of basic prudence of policies

I am not a professional in the manufacture of vaccines, nor was Noah a professional in naval architecture.

The Titanic was built by brilliant professionals. Amateur’s Noah’s Ark floated as the proud Titanic sank.

Being a professional is not a guarantee, nor a quality. It is at most a qualification which does not give any additional right to avoid any criticism or questioning.

Beware of learned professionals. In all things.

Conspiracy? No questioner !!

So when some voices are raised to say attention, do not do anything, take your time, wait for alternatives, do not rush towards these vaccines developed in emergency they had to be silenced.


Dangerous even.



Point. End of the dispute and of the story.

Everyone has the bite.

Voices that I was saying be careful, do anything, go too fast, if it ever fails, it will be even worse for the vaccination in which no one will ever trust.

But no.




We had to be forbidden.

We had to be censored.

We had to be ridiculed.

To ask questions, to doubt is the basis of all reasoning, it is the basis of all reason! This is also how our young people were trained in our country a few decades ago. I had excellent teachers of philosophy, as well as letters.

If you want to know where the danger is, see who is trying to silence those who want to doubt and therefore think, those who want to think and therefore be.

I am for vaccines… which work!

I have nothing against vaccines.

I think, I look, I analyze, I reason, I question.

We have nothing in this file that is reassuring.

Sloppy studies on samples that have not been verified, data transmitted only by laboratories that urgently developed mixtures of which we still know very little about both short-term and long-term effects !

So it’s analytically and strategically obvious that it’s foolish to base our entire pandemic strategy on this muddy vaccine story.

A policy error. We must first treat, prick after!

Let’s resume.

Vaccines developed in a hurry.

A new RNA technology that we know so little about.

An important possibility of creating new variants may even be more dangerous than the initial virus.

A lack of alternatives and care. All the therapies offered in an alternative way by doctors in contact with patients end up being prohibited.

We had chloroquine and azithromycin. One can be against, or not believe in it, this is not a reason not to study this prophylaxis proposal.

You also have a variant which seems to work and which would be ivermectin with also azithromycin cocktail in which some doctors would even add a mild anti-coagulant to prevent blood clots from forming. Again, no serious study.

Vaccination is the alpha and omega of the management of this crisis and of the health strategy.

If it works so much the better.

If that fails we will be naked as worms.

AstraZeneca suspended in more and more countries!

Even the caregivers did not want this vaccine because it makes you sick like a dog …

The fire brigade commander of Bouches du Rhône even had to stop the vaccination of his staff in the face of the multiplication of side effects.

It is all the confidence in the badly thought-out strategy of our leaders that is cracking at great speed.

It’s an announced fiasco!

I let you see a cruel little montage on those who preside over our destinies and lead the ship France tossed about by the tumultuous waves of their incompetence and inconstancy.


Consistency Episode 236#AstraZenaca

– Strike funds (@caissesdegreve) March 15, 2021

What should have been done?

1 / Tell the truth at all times, in all circumstances. When you don’t have a mask, you don’t say that masks are useless. We say that we don’t have one, and that a scarf in front of our nose while we wait for something better will always be that… and we stand up straight, strong and proud in the face of danger. Then we start producing masks and we buy some even if it’s a bit expensive.

2 / We always develop a strategy on several axes. To end a pandemic, you have collective immunity, vaccination, or… care!

So we are developing both vaccines and potential treatments. We let the doctors test, invent, try and observe what they get. We facilitate the flow of information and the dissemination of what appear to be best practices.

At the end of the day, you’ll either find a vaccine that works or find treatments that work, but you walk on both legs.

Our government and those who lead us are walking on their heads.

To our greatest misfortune.

I persist: since the 1st day we have been governed by branquignoles

– Fabrice Di Vizio (@ DIVIZIO1) March 15, 2021

Stay tuned.

It is already too late, but all is not lost. Prepare yourselves !