Australia took one step further to pass laws that force Google and Facebook

Australian lawmakers have taken a step further to pass a bill that forces Facebook and Google to pay news publishers for content posted on the two platforms.

Facebook has taken a tough stance on Australia’s bill.

Australia announced that it would not make further adjustments to the above bill. Accordingly, this bill will be passed by the Australian Senate on February 23. Australian senators recently continued to debate a bill that would force Big Tech companies like Facebook and Google to pay news publishers for posting their content on their platforms. This proposal was previously approved by the Australian House of Representatives.

The Australian government does not have a majority in the Senate, though the country’s opposition Labor Party has said it will support the bill, despite major opposition from the tech giants.

Facebook has taken a tough stance on this issue due to concerns that Australia’s move sets a global precedent for similar laws. Australia’s law could set a precedent for other countries to set stricter rules for Big Tech companies.

Australia will become the first country to enact legislation dealing with the dominance of Big Tech companies in the news content market. Canada and the UK are also looking at a similar move.

Last week, Facebook blocked Australian users from sharing and searching news content. Even accounts of some state governments and emergency agencies in Australia were also blocked.

Google, on the other hand, agreed after its move to sign a series of content deals with Australian media companies. Instead of leaving the Australian market, Google “gatekeeper” wants to deepen its relationship with the publishers in this market. Evidence is that Google and News Corp (NWS) – the media group of the media tycoon Rupert Murdoch – announced a three-year partnership agreement.

Accordingly, Google agrees to pay content fees to News Corp. Group of media tycoon Rupert Murdoch currently holds many information units in Australia as well as a number of newspapers in the UK and the Wall Street Journal, New York Post in the US.

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