Australia vowed not to step back from Facebook

The Australian Government is determined to promote the enactment of a Communications Negotiation Code to force technology companies to pay for news content to appear on digital platforms.

Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison (left) and Facebook Founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg. (Photo: AP / TTXVN)

According to the Vietnam News Agency in Sydney, the Australian Treasury Department, Josh Frydenberg, announced that the country would not step back from Facebook after the technology giant blocked the content of news from domestic news agencies from February 18. communication social media.

Speaking to the domestic media on February 19, Mr. Frydenberg affirmed that the Australian Government is determined to promote the enactment of the Communications Negotiation Code to force technology companies to pay for news content. on digital platforms while continuing to negotiate with Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg.

Minister Frydenberg expressed disappointment about Facebook’s actions and the company’s lack of any prior notice to the government. Australia.

Also in this remarks, Mr. Frydenberg expressed his welcome to the “positive results of negotiations” and the new cooperation agreements on news content between Google and the Australian media.

Mr. Frydenberg added that he will continue to talk with Mr. Mark Zuckerberg on February 19 to find a reasonable solution. This will be the Australian Treasury Secretary’s third discussion with Mark Zuckerberg after talks on Feb. 14 and Feb. 18.

In a phone call on Feb. 18, Mr. Frydenberg stated that Facebook’s decision was damaging the company’s reputation in Australia.

Meanwhile, the Australian Government is continuing to seek support from foreign leaders for this issue.

On the evening of February 18, Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison had a discussion with Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, in which the Australian leader raised the issue of preventing social media companies from “pressing” governments. .

Mr. Morrison is expected to have similar discussions with other leaders around the world.

Also on February 18, Facebook’s decision prevented block news content has influenced both essential health services and societies in Australia, as the country is preparing to launch a nationwide campaign of vaccination against acute respiratory infections COVID-19. next week.

Content on local government agencies such as New South Wales Fire and Rescue, Western Australia Department of Fire and Emergency Services, South Australia Department of Health and Queensland Health on Facebook has all been removed. and only restored on the afternoon of February 18.

After the incident, Mr. Morrison launched a powerful attack on Facebook, claiming the company “unlinked” with Australia and emphasizing the actions of Facebook is disappointing ./.

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