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Auto Démarches is a start-up that is brilliantly illustrated in the register of procedures for obtaining the secure title that constitutes the driving license.

Drawing on its experience in the automotive sector, this start-up has already been of great help to many people in search of their driving title.

If its expertise is not limited to driving license alone, this structure approved by the public administration offers various guarantees that help make it a reliable choice for anyone wishing to succeed in the procedures leading to obtaining their license. drive.

Do you want to start the process to obtain or renew your driving license? Find out in this article why the 360 ​​start-up for driving license procedures is the best option available.

Auto Démarches: Steps of all kinds

An accreditation issued by the administration

Following certain dysfunctions noted on the ANTS site, the public administration issued authorizations to private providers and Auto Démarches is one of these providers.

For this, by entrusting his file to this company, there is no need to worry about the fate that awaits him. This service provider has all the administrative authorizations required to operate in this area.

Whether it is a very first time obtaining a driving license or a renewal of the title, the start-up is competent for the necessary procedures.

Excellent knowledge of procedures

Jonathan Tastevin, founder of Auto Démarches and his team bring together expertise that has already proven its worth in the automotive securities sector, and more specifically, in the conduct of administrative procedures.

They have complete mastery of the documents required for the constitution of the file and the stages of the process leading to obtaining this title.

They also know at what level of the process to intervene in order to determine the reasons why a driver’s license application may become a backlog.

Why use Auto Démarches?

A reliable provider

With its experience in the field, the start-up 360 for driving license procedures, has stood out from its competitors by the quality of its services. All the files entrusted to him have a happy outcome.

This is explained by the fact that the start-up duly registered with the administrative authorities, is familiar with the procedures applicable within the various departments involved in issuing the title concerned.

A guarantee of speed

Auto Démarches has a dynamic and intuitive platform that allows individuals to submit their files online.

Upon receipt of a file and its verification, the start-up begins the procedures with the administration. She brings to bear all her expertise in these procedures to ensure the satisfaction of the applicant as quickly as possible.

Once the administration judges the dossier to be compliant, the title edition can then be launched.

The processing of a driver’s license application file and its editing can take about 3 weeks. But by using this start-up, we are sure to get it sooner, when there is no administrative difficulty.

The certainty of avoiding any procedural error

There is a certain risk of making errors in the constitution of the file required to obtain the driving license. An unauthenticated document or the missing copy of a document may lead to the rejection of the request. Click here to know the parts required for this purpose.

To overcome all these disappointments, the start-up has set up a procedure on its platform dedicated to receiving driver’s license application files.

The documents required for the file can thus be added to the file via the platform. The absence of a document prevents the file from being sent from the platform.

This makes it possible to avoid the errors which lead to the rejection of files already introduced into the public administration system. A team is also dedicated to checking the documents making up each file to be transmitted.

Support that is easy to obtain

When you submit a file on the start-up’s platform to obtain your driving license, support is provided from the start of the procedure and throughout its progress.

The user is also informed of the progress of his file. He also receives a notification as soon as his driving license is issued, before it is sent to him.

With the bottlenecks that have affected the ANTS site, recourse to a professional is the ideal solution for procedures related to driving licenses. To benefit from a reliable and fast service, Auto Démarches is the authorized professional to call upon.

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