Automobile: license plate stickers are prohibited

Did you intend to change the department displayed on the license plate with a sticker? You’ll have to think twice… because it can cost you dearly. This practice, however harmless, is now definitively prohibited after the victory of the license plate lobby in cassation. Explanation.

License plate stickers: a safe but already illegal practice

Since the department displayed on the license plate has no influence on the identification of the vehicle, it has been made free: if the plate must include one, the French can choose the one they want. For several years now, a real business has flourished: that of license plate stickers. These simple stickers allow you to change the displayed department in no time.

Except that this practice is, in reality, not legal. As pointed out Caradisiac, the verbalizations had been going well for some time. It must be said that these verbalizations were justified: article 10 of article 9 of the decree of February 9, 2009, the one which set the new regulations for license plates, specifies: “ it is forbidden to modify the number plates or to add an element “. While this article is particularly aimed at practices which allow the plate not to be identified, by changing an 8 to 0 for example, it also applies to these stickers.

The Court of Cassation closes the debate: the stickers are not approved and are therefore illegal

In a judgment handed down earlier in 2021 in a case between a license plate manufacturer and sticker sellers, the Court of Cassation has definitively closed the debate: it is illegal.

A verdict that is not surprising: for the judges, the stickers are not homologated, condition sinequanone to be on the road. They are therefore prohibited and users can be fined. The fine remains fixed at 135 euros, which may be increased in the event of a repeat offense up to 750 euros.

From now on, to change the department on the license plate, there is therefore only one solution: to have the plates redone, which costs several tens of euros against only a few euros for the stickers.

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