Baby cat: 10 things to think about before arriving home

It’s decided, we adopt a baby cat! It is therefore the start of the fight at home because the reception of a kitten is being prepared to allow him to have everything he needs. No question of improvising. In addition to specific kitten food, here are the 10 things to plan for before a baby cat arrives in the family.

1 – The toilet house

There is a full range of toilet houses and of litter boxes, the first being closed and the second open air… Each master can choose what he prefers. Whatever model is chosen, care must be taken to ensure that it is easy to clean completely, which should be done as regularly as possible for hygienic reasons. The kitten must feel comfortable and confident there so that he does not defecate in a corner of the house. This will certainly happen of course, but this type of accident does not justify punishing the little feline.

2 – The bottle

If we welcome a tiny kitten who still has need to suck because he is not not weaned, the graduated bottle equipped with a silicone pacifier is the essential accessory to offer him. Be careful, it should only contain infant formula, but especially no cow’s milk! The bottle should be used at each feed until the kitty is 3 weeks old (6 to 8 times in a 24 hour period). From this age, he only begins to lap. Then he can gradually discover solid food, wet then dry.

3 – The bowl

It is the complement of the bottle. We deposit moistened kibble or else mash, which must be adapted to the baby cat. We put it away from the litter and we choose it either glass, ceramic or stainless steel. Plastic is to be banned.

4 – The water fountain

It is perfect for thewater be always fresh and clean, but we can also opt for a simple container only intended to receive water. It doesn’t matter which option you choose, the main thing being that the little cat always has water available. Note that we must put the fountain or the water bowl a few meters from the bowl and not right next to it, but also very far from the litter.

5 – the sleep box

Eh yes ! The little kitty will not necessarily like the basket in fur in which his new master has invested a fortune. Often cats prefer a simple cardboard box, not too big, because this material is comfortable and the kittens feel perfectly protected inside a box. The twink will be able to scratch his claws with happiness without his owner having to fear damage. Of course, nothing prevents you from buying a hammock, a kitten basket or even a wicker basket in which we put a blanket and a few toys… It is ultimately the little animal that will choose its sleep box over time.

6 – A bag of litter

Indispensable complement to the toilet house – unless from the start you decide toencourage your kitten to defecate outside -, the soiled and amalgamated litter must be replaced by clean several times a day. Today we find litter bags of very good quality, well absorbent, which reduces bad odors and completely biodegradable.

7 – Care products

It is fundamental to teach the baby cat to accept that it is cleaned eyes, the ears, the teeth, and that you regularly brush your coat. There is a wide choice of baby cat care products, which includes shampoo. Do not hesitate to ask the veterinarian for advice on the products best suited to the young kitty.

8 – Toys

From ball of yarn to toy kibble dispenser through the interactive toys, the circuits of all kinds, fishing rod… We can say that our kittens are spoiled. Do not hesitate to buy different models of games and toys so that the little feline does not get bored. Play is essential for the animal’s development and good balance. This also allows the master to share moments of complicity with his little companion.

9 – A cat tree

Not only does it allow the baby cat to scratch there rather than on the couch, but it is also a great place to sleep. Cats love to sit high up to rest, near a window for example, because of their promontory they can monitor everything that is going on outside.

10 – A transport basket

Perfect and essential for take the kitten to the vet or even on holiday, the transport basket must be chosen to be completely removable in order to be cleaned from top to bottom as regularly as possible. Be careful if you travel by plane with your kitty, the transport cage must meet very specific criteria.

With all this panoply and a lot of love, the baby cat has every chance to live happily. His master only has to insure his kitten from 2 or 3 months with a animal health insurance to be able to take care of the health of his little feline at a lower cost. Just use a comparator of mutuals for pets to receive several offers and to choose then the formula which best meets expectations.

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