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It may seem surprising not to be delighted with the increase in the number of business start-ups and yet it is. Behind the theoretical good news, there is actually very bad economic news.

As you know, I never stop warning our small community of friendly readers of the major changes affecting the labor market.

Indeed, if we look up and look at the big picture from a historical point of view we realize that the norm is the payment by the task, the absence of social rights and basically a “walk”. or almost systematic death!

It will be necessary to wait for the rise of the Communist peril at the beginning of the 20th century to see the first social advances. At a time when learned minds want to ban spanking to bad kids, we must not forget that until 1936, even the Popular Front had troops (with live ammunition) fire on striking workers!

Finally, it is only with the Liberation and with the application of the program of the National Council of Resistance the CNR that the social advances will be massive and major. Salaried, protective, became the norm. It is a revolution that began with the industrial revolution. But historically, the rule is payment by the task!

Business creation to create your own job!

Europe 1 (source here) tells us, “there have never been as many new business creations as in 2020. INSEE counts nearly 850,000, an absolute record. But in detail, it is mainly individual businesses and in particular micro-entrepreneurs carrying out home delivery, which reflects the changes brought about by the health crisis ”.

The conclusion drawn is quite wrong. It is not a question of change induced by the health crisis, and it is to see reality through the small end of the telescope, it is a fundamental movement of destruction of the wage earner towards the precariat and of the precariat towards the whole self. -entrepreneurship.

If the number of micro-entrepreneurs, the new name for auto-entrepreneurs, increases, the number of real business creation, those which are “legal persons” such as SARL, SAS or SA and who express the choice of a statute which aspires to a certain extent and therefore to one day have employees is meanwhile in sharp decline.

Behind this increase in business start-ups, what you see is the very large increase in pseudo-jobs paid by the task and indeed delivery men are holding the high mark since the demand for delivery is exploding, as is the delivery sector. VTC for example which continues to have the stern wind.

You are therefore witnessing the acceleration of the transformation of the labor market.

Even the banks want to test the self-employed “advisor”.

So this is not good news because it shows and materializes the return to payment by task and let’s say it will be difficult for many, not even to mention the precariousness that this implies and the absence of mutual insurance, or still unemployment coverage.

There is, however, “good” news in all of this. It is the remarkable adaptability of our population and our fellow citizens. The French “D” system has a bright future ahead of it.

Until then, prepare for more and more job insecurity and uncertainties.

Stay tuned.

It is already too late, but all is not lost. Prepare yourselves !

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