Ban flights from India and buy oxygen cylinders …

The same causes produce the same effects.

I think that you have already grasped for a long time what our luminous stars in government still have not understood.

Viruses “yen have to travel in bodies, generally transported by air”.

We had the original virus from China. Let us leave the borders open.

Then that of Denmark, which did not scare very long since tens of millions of mink were eliminated. Let us leave the borders open.

Then the English variant… Leave the borders open. The English variant is therefore the majority in France.

Then the South African variant… it is not in the majority, but well ranked on the podium. Let us leave the borders open.

Then the Brazilian variant. We had to squeal for the stars of Matignon to think that ultimately banning flights and imposing quarantines might not be bad.

Okay, we’re on the Indian variant. I’ll let you watch this report from the Parisian. In India, things are not going well. Reasons why I suggest that we adopt the same strategy …

Leave the borders open !!!

Thus we ensure all the chances of a new confinement at home, we will no longer be able to leave our homes BUT…. the borders will be open. Phew! It is a bit expensive to open the borders when we see that the little joke has already cost our country 425 billion euros in one year! Billions that we do not have and which will put a strain on our collective future.

More seriously, there are obviously two things to do.

Close the borders, and buy bottles… of oxygen!

The first is to put a quarantine on all those who come to France, Russia, Brazil or India, it doesn’t matter. This is how countries like China, Australia and New Zealand do!

The second, I recommend to our lights of the palaces (Elysée like Matignon) to start now to buy oxygen cylinders, and in sufficient number, because in Brazil they are regularly lacking, in Mexico too, and in India… itou!

In short, free up early treatments such as chloroquine or ivermectin, buy oxygen bottles, put on air purifiers or give FFP2 masks to all the most fragile or in very confined places.

In short, we have been going around in circles for a year.

Yes but the poor, all the same it is new!

Again, they have no excuse.


We can be surprised in March 2020, and again, because I can assure you that all the services that were to alert the government, HAVE alerted the government.

The information was known.

From the top of my attic, I already knew what was going to happen even before Buzyn learnedly explained to us that we had nothing to fear!

The video below is from January 27, 2020! We were very far at that time from confining the whole of France! And besides if you take care to read the comments of the time, many are those to say that it is “rubbish” …

We must therefore decide to finally get out of the always too little and always too late which is the terrible trademark of our governments, this being only the outcome of a process in which public action has become distressing.

So we did not leave the hostel.

Far from there.

Hopefully at least a remission in fine weather that will do everyone good.

Stay tuned.

It is already too late, but all is not lost. Prepare yourselves !