Bank rates on the rise in 2021: having an account always costs more

Holding a bank account and carrying out transactions through it (or means of payment) costs a little more in 2021. This is what the Observatory of Bank Rates (OTB) revealed on February 17, 2021, after having analyzed the price trends. The increases are not evenly distributed, and there are even lower prices. But, in general, your bank will cost you more in 2021.

Two lower bank rate prices, four remain stable

The OTB specifies in its report what is increasing and what is decreasing. There is some good news to report: subscribing to remote banking services costs a little less, 1 euro cent per month (down 0.93% on average); Likewise, the SMS alert service is priced at 35 euro cents cheaper, down 1.94% on average.

Another piece of good news: the intervention commission, the occasional Internet transfer, the fees for payment by SEPA direct debit and the fees for setting up a SEPA direct debit have not changed. But the Observatory emphasizes that two of these four operations are free.

Almost a euro more to have a bank card

If the declines remain very limited, they will not offset the increases identified by the OTB. In particular those of the supply of a debit card which will cost 40 cents more in 2021 (+ 0.99%) in the case of an international card with immediate debit and 23 cents more (+ 0.56%) in the event of international deferred debit card; not to mention the provision of a debit card with systematic authorization, the price of which increased by 92 cents (+ 3.14%).

The other increases are a little lighter in terms of amount: it will take 7 cents more for loss or theft insurance (+ 0.29%), 1 cent more for cash withdrawals outside the bank’s network. (+ 1.01%) or 3 cents more for subscribing to alert products on the account by SMS (12% increase, the highest).

“Account maintenance fees” are still increasing

Naturally, the banks have not failed to increase a cost that is regularly criticized: that of “account maintenance fees”. In 2021, according to the report of the Observatory of Banking Tariffs, they increase by 32 euro cents on average (+ 1.53%).

They should cost, according to the OTB, 21.06 euros per year and per account for the French, against 20.74 euros per year as of December 31, 2020 and 19.86 euros per year in 2019.

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