Barilla: playlists designed to last the cooking time of pasta

Want to cook pasta to perfection but never succeeded? The giant Barilla comes to your aid… with music. The Italian firm has launched a series of playlists on Spotify that aim to give you the exact time to cook pasta. Enough to make the wait in front of the stove a little more “fun”.

Barilla Plylist Timer: cook pasta to music

The idea is as simple as it is effective: the pasta having a very precise cooking time and the pieces of music too, why not mix the two? This is what Barilla thought, who for the occasion joined forces with Publicis Italia.

It’s all happening on Spotify, one of the leaders in music streaming that could increase its prices in the coming months. Without the Spotify app, therefore, no Timer Playlist. For the rest, all you have to do is click on the dedicated playlist, which is linked to you a little further down.

Warning, however: Spotify inserting advertisements between songs, including in playlists, you should have a premium subscription … otherwise, the playlist time will not match the pasta cooking time.

A dozen playlist by Barilla to cook pasta

The playlists are all associated with the official Barilla Italia profile on Spotify and feature Italian and international artists. Enough to revisit certain classics and discover new music, all classified by genre… and by pasta.

There you will find Playlists for cooking four of Italians favorite pastas:

Spaghetti :

Spaghetti Mixtape

Top Hits Spaghetti


Mood Day Linguine

Simply Classics Linguine

The Fusilli:

Boom Bap Fusilli

Timeless Emotion Fusilli

The Penne:

Best Song Penne

Pleasant Melancholy Penne

With this, you have no more excuses not to cook your pasta al dente !

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