Baroque style bedroom: 7 decorating ideas to put in place

The elaborate and intricate Baroque style and decoration gained momentum in the 17th century, in part thanks to the French King Louis XIV and his love of opulence, as seen in the interior decoration of the Palace of Versailles, which includes Rococo artwork, bronze sculptures and intricate tapestries. Over the years, this classic style has been seen in some of the most extravagantly decorated rooms. Take a tour of some of the most exclusive products of this century-old art and find the products that will benefit your home the most. Do not forget the different tips and guides that we offer you on how to complete this style for a perfect finish.

If you are a follower of the baroque style and you are sure to have sweet dreams in a room following this type of decoration, go for it! This style dates back to a few centuries ago. But even today, its main principles have remained unchanged. It is obviously a sumptuous and often expensive decoration which highlights the curved lines, the lush shapes, the intricate elements, the oval mirrors and the moldings, among others.

What is the baroque style? The Baroque style originated in Italy around the 1600s. The term Baroque comes from Portuguese and means “irregular”, as this style includes curves and elegant and luxurious decoration. The basic elements are dark tones, patterns and furniture with many details. If you like classic and sophisticated decorations, then baroque decoration can be your style. For some, baroque is akin to kitsch while for others, it evokes Gothic or neo-Gothic.

1 – Baroque style bedroom: what colors?

The colors in the Baroque style are intense. Choose shades of gold and silver to give it a touch of glamor. Red, purple, burgundy and deep blue are also typical of this style. Don’t be afraid to mix them up as this style is known to be overkill. Black is another popular color in the Baroque style, but it should be used with care as it can quickly create a dark and heavy atmosphere when used in too much. Restore the balance by combining it with gold and beige.

2 – Baroque style bedroom: what types of furniture?

If you choose to decorate your room in the Baroque way, go for furniture that is both classic and eccentric. The whole thing to be imposing. The legs of your tables and chairs can be adorned with carved details. If you have a sofa in your bedroom, choose it with legs, just like your bed which can feature very ornate and ornate legs. Arrange large pieces of furniture such as large wardrobes. All your furniture, if they have a covering can be in velvet, taffeta or silk. Obviously, become regulars at flea markets, antique furniture stores and other antique shops to find furniture that perfectly matches this baroque style.

3 – Baroque style bedroom: what about the walls?

Wallpaper or wood panels, these are generally the decorations of the walls in the Baroque style. Make way for floral, arabesque or geometric patterns. If you dare, you can paint your walls with one of these extravagant shapes. If you prefer to paint in one color, choose one of the typical shades of the style. If you are placing mirrors on the walls, keep in mind that they should be surrounded by large, highly detailed and ornate frames.

4 – Baroque style bedroom: what about the floors?

The Baroque style floors also feature a very detailed pattern. Stone floors are the most popular, which must have details typical of the time. If you want to stick to the baroque style, you can choose wooden floors, but you will have to choose a dark tone. Cover the floors with Persian rugs which also include a number of patterns and details.

5 – Baroque style bedroom: what lighting?

Chandeliers can not be missing in the Baroque style, and they are present in almost all rooms and spaces, let alone in your bedroom. Choose large chandeliers, remember, the Baroque style is striking and elegant. Also use lamps with shades of burgundy or red colors.

6 – Baroque style bedroom: what curtains?

In terms of natural lighting, the Baroque style has large bay windows, usually from ceiling to floor. Cover them with heavy golden curtains. Don’t forget the pompoms and frills!

7 – Baroque style bedroom: what accessories?

In the Baroque style, many accessories are used, especially porcelain ones. Use vases, especially those with hand-painted details. Small golden sculptures also have their place in the Baroque style. To you as a cherub enthroned on your dresser! The prints in general are floral or with arabesque motifs and satin and velvet fabrics.

In summary

The baroque style is both ornamentation, a lot of decor, but also optical effects. It is the supreme valuation of the detail, which gives rise to excess of ornaments. It’s a style all in contradiction, starting with the contrasts between shadow and light. We find there the sense of movement, sensuality, complexity. It’s a style that tastes elegant but above all remains extravagant. Often used to convey power and grandeur, this decorating style is often characterized by large gold-plated furniture, oversized mirrors surrounded by intricate gold frames, dripping crystal chandeliers, and richly woven textiles.