Bathroom mirror: how to choose?

A mirror is made to look at. What is funny is that very often the reflection – of oneself and of so many other things – takes precedence over the object in itself, which is finally forgotten. However, a good mirror is an essential element, especially in a bathroom.

When you look at your current bathroom mirror, do you really want to hammer it in? This might not be the best idea. Avoid yourself seven years of misfortune. However, nothing prevents you from updating it. Seeing yourself in the best light with a bathroom mirror that is the right size, correctly placed and ideally lit, that could be a good thing. There are plenty of style, size, and shape options to choose from. So let’s put things in perspective and see how to get the perfect bathroom mirror.

What is the style of your room?

You are thinking about redoing your bathroom. Is. But what style do you want to give it, what atmosphere are you looking for? Obviously not all mirrors work with all atmospheres. You can opt for a frameless mirror for a more modern style or an unusually shaped mirror for a more original location. Whichever you choose, think it over carefully because a mirror is central. Contrary to popular belief, even if the object is simple, its choice may not be.

What size mirror for your bathroom?

The size of your mirror is necessarily important. You don’t want a huge mirror to take up all the space in your tiny bathroom. So be sure to measure your piece correctly several times. Base the width of your mirror on the width of your sink. You don’t want it to be too small, but a mirror that’s too large will take over the wall and may throw your bathroom off balance. Also measure the height. Take all the dimensions carefully so as not to find yourself on the day of installation with a mirror that is much too large or, conversely, much too small.

How many mirrors for your bathroom?

If you have two sinks in your bathroom, consider a single large mirror or two twin mirrors. You can opt for a single large mirror that completely covers one of the walls and reaches the ceiling. It is ideal for perfectly reflecting the light and bringing homogeneity to the room. Or you can choose a simple mirror over your sink, which is what most people do. But nothing prevents you from being daring and installing a wall of mirrors. You can have these mirrors recessed, which adds modernity. Did you say “wow effect”? Yes, it can be very modern and elegant, but you still have to be ready to observe yourself in gear every morning when entering your bathroom. The intermediate solution is to opt for a triptych, ie three mirrors juxtaposed horizontally or vertically.

What shape of mirror for your bathroom?

Oval mirrors are beautiful and unique. The circles too. This shape leads to more wall space. Which means you can add good lighting or decorations that match the rest of the style of your bathroom. Curved mirrors are beautiful pieces that give a certain zen to any space. The more traditional among you will decide on a rectangular mirror. This is the most common shape, but there are also many unique shapes to choose from. You can really think of your mirror as a work of art, so don’t feel limited. Dare to use unusual shapes.

With or without a frame?

The frameless mirror has several advantages: it saves space, it looks modern, and tends to be cheaper. It is suitable for those looking for minimalism. Mirrors with frames are more traditional. They can quickly become remarkable pieces that catch the eye. If you like to go to antique shops, you can find an original mirror that will give your bathroom all its cachet. If you don’t like the ostentatious, choose a mirror with a simple frame, it’s a good compromise. And if you choose a mirror with a frame, make sure its color coordinates with the rest of the bathroom. Many associate the setting with the color of their bathroom furniture but you can have a little fun and choose a color that contrasts elegantly.

What lighting to accompany your bathroom mirror?

The lighting, if it is well chosen, can come to support the singular character of your mirror. Framing your mirror with sconces can add a touch of timeless style to your bathroom. Small spaces work great with light sconces and small mirrors. Find bright elements that match the style of your room. Choose a mirror that is 60 to 70% of the width of your vanity. This will give your wall lights more space to properly frame your mirror. Lighting is an important part of any bathroom. Don’t skimp on it!

Which installation for your bathroom mirror?

If the layout of your bathroom is a bit special: if you have a badly placed window or an element that obstructs, know that the mirrors are not necessarily installed flat against a wall. They can be suspended, from the ceiling or from a window frame for example. Keep this in mind to open up new horizons!

As you can see, the choice of your mirror can have a huge effect on the design of your bathroom. Have fun looking for mirrors for your bathroom and remember that you are not limited to just a basic rectangular mirror.

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