Bayrou: “4,000 euros is the middle classes” – Economy

If some may think that the elected officials of the Republic have lost the sense of reality, examples are not lacking such as the pain au chocolat at 10 centimes by Jean-François Copé in 2016 or the metro ticket at 4 euros by Natalie Kosciusko-Morizet in 2012, we may now know why. They don’t think they make more money than the average French. At least, this is the case with François Bayrou.

Does the former deputy François Bayrou consider himself to be “from the middle class”?

Guest of the Grand Jury LCI / RTL / Le Figaro Sunday February 7, 2021, François Bayrou has drawn the wrath of the left by his lack of sense of reality. The one who has been an MP for more than 18 years during his career seems to believe that the deputies are not among the richest people in France, far from it.

The Planning Commissioner, who came to present his project to revive France, did not escape the question that annoys the executive: the possibility of creating a tax for the rich in order to finance the economic and health crisis, and the measures implemented. in place to deal with it. But for that, you have to know who is rich and who is not. For François Bayrou, it’s simple: “ 4,000 euros per month, it’s the middle classes “. There will therefore not be many people left to tax …

4,000 euros is the “10%”!

François Bayrou, unfortunately, has it all wrong, and the declaration has not failed to be strongly criticized. The French Communist Party reminded the Planning Commissioner that “ the median salary in France is 1,789 euros. Half of the employees do not earn this amount “While according to INSEE, earning 4,000 euros per month allows you to enter the 10% highest wages in the country. For François Bayrou, therefore, the “middle class” is the one that affects more than 90% of the rest of the population.

From there to think that François Bayrou has lost the sense of reality following his various mandates and in particular his 18 years as deputy of the Republic, position with a salary of more than 7,000 euros net with a large envelope for reimbursement of expenses, there is only one step…

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