Be aware of the danger if you decide to change your car

On your favorite radio station, television and in the newspapers, you will find that new car advertisements are predominant. After lean months, manufacturers and dealers are working hard to boost auto sales.

Change car: pay attention to new traffic criteria in cities

But I have a question for you: if you want to change cars, if you have to change cars, have you taken all the parameters into account? Because things will change strongly in the years to come.

Of course, if you opt for a lease with option to purchase (LOA) over 2 or 3 years, like one in two French new car buyers, you can choose almost any car you want. What will happen tomorrow when you return it is ultimately not your problem. But if, on the other hand, you prefer to buy, to keep your car for a few years, which is by far the most eco-responsible gesture, then beware of danger.

With a limited budegt buy a used car

Even a car rated Crit’air 1 will be banned from major cities at the end of the decade. This is serious food for thought, and most importantly, it will seriously dent the car’s resale value. The subject is even more delicate if you buy a used car, like 3 in 4 French people. A car equipped with a Crit Air 4 sticker is already banned over a large part of Île-de-France, and will soon be in most major cities.. Without being decided, I can still say today that it is no longer worth much.

For Crit’air 3, their ban is expected in one year in the Paris region, 2 or 3 years maximum everywhere else. Now, if your budget is very limited, know that these cars are now sold off among professionals who have them on their hands. With 1,500 euros, you can leave behind the wheel of a sedan or a family that does not necessarily have a lot of kilometers, but does not have the right sticker.

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